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Replacing Old Gutters Eliminates Frustration

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We specialize in installing a variety of gutter types to complement your pre-existing gutter system or home layout.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if rain gutters lasted forever? But just like most movie stars, there comes a time when a little facelift is necessary. Frequently, for property owners it comes in the form of gutter replacement. When that time comes, Peak Roofing & Construction is here to make sure the gutter system we install keeps your home or business healthy for years to come.

Gutter replacement from Peak Roofing & Construction brings you the best available options for protection from weather, leaves, and draining debris. Our gutters are effective, affordable, and of the highest-quality materials on the market. Whether you live in Dallas, Fort Worth or greater Houston, our professionals will replace your tired, worn out gutters with the latest in seamless aluminum. And, don’t forget about gutter guards (also called gutter screens) . We have several options depending on your specific situation.

There are many reasons to choose Peak Roofing & Construction for your gutter replacement:

  • Guaranteed craftsmanship and use of only premium materials
  • Installers insured
  • Properly installed gutters avoid erosion, tears, leaks and sagging
  • Installation methods that won’t interfere with existing roof warranties or re-roofing
  • Highly customizable 5” gutters and 6” gutters with a variety of colors and protective offerings
  • A look that enhances your property’s long-term curb appeal
  • Professional installation, adding to your peace of mind that your gutters will stand up against deterioration and water penetration

Peak Roofing & Construction works with you to install your new gutter system, knowing that gutter installation is often associated with extensive exterior residential and commercial property alterations. We can schedule the work to make sure the process is easy and convenient for you.

Gutter repair near me

Many homeowners’ to-do lists never get finished. Unfortunately, one task that often gets shoved to the bottom of the list is cleaning and repairing gutters. This is where Peak Roofing & Construction can help. We provide professional, thorough, and prompt gutter repair on homes and commercial businesses. If you notice a leak or a broken joint in your gutter system, call us immediately. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to need a gutter company to replace your gutter system.

Signs your gutters need replacing

When you are contemplating whether your gutters need to be replaced, it is smart to look out for a few common symptoms of failing gutters. If they are falling down on the job (literally), then it’s probably past time to replace.  Gutters do an excellent job of redirecting water away from the base of your home. Gutters that aren’t working correctly will simply dump the water over the side and you will end up with puddles of water all around the foundation of your home. After a rain, walk around the perimeter of your home. If you start seeing large puddles around the outside of your home under the gutters, it may be time to think about gutter replacement. Every few months you should give your gutters a general inspection. If you see cracking, warping, or broken edges, that is a sure sign that you will need new gutters.

Gutter replacement estimate

At Peak Roofing & Construction, we’ve built our business and reputation by being open and honest with our pricing is the best policy. For every client we will provide a gutter replacement estimate. We can meet with you to discuss material options as well as a timeline for installation. We always strive to be as accurate as possible so you can balance your budget. We understand that you want exceptional value for your money. That is why our experienced, professional licensed roofers will always provide quality gutter replacement services. When you call Peak Roofing & Construction, you know that you can rely on our estimate and service to be reliable and trustworthy.

Gutter maintenance tips

Keeping your gutters clean is an important task for any homeowner, new or old. Sagging or clogged gutters can cause dangerous overflow problems, which cause damage to the eaves of your home if left alone for too long. To prevent this issue, it is critical to ensure your gutters are cleaned thoroughly and properly maintained on occasion.

Some basic tips include…

  • Cleaning – You should check your gutters on a regular basis to ensure they are clean. Remove any leaves or debris that may build up over time.
  • Securing – To repair sagging or loose gutter systems, replace the gutter spikes and screws with a cordless drill. Screws tend to last longer and hold better.
  • Sealing Leaks – The best way to examine your gutters for a leak is by using a hose to check the joints and seams. To repair the leaking joint, thoroughly clean the area and use silicone caulk to seal the problem.

Commercial gutter repair

Businesses, just like residential homes, need their gutters repaired, cleaned, and properly installed to ensure the roof and structural integrity remain intact. However, most companies need a different gutter system than a four-bedroom home might. The size and building codes vary  between the two.

Commercial gutter systems are built to be larger than average so they can handle more rainfall and extreme weather conditions. As such, these drains require extensive repairs on occasion from highly trained professional technicians. It takes a keen eye and a skilled hand to fix such a large gutter system efficiently. Our professionals are the people for the job. We provide fast free estimates of our commercial gutter repair services, so you know exactly what you are getting. Quality will always come before our bottom line. The job is done right the first time, every time!

What happens if the wood behind my gutters is rotted?

When you perform regular annual maintenance of your roof, you should always be checking behind your gutters. The wood behind the gutters can collect condensation and begin to rot. Before you know it, you have a major problem that could cause your entire gutter system to need replacing. If you notice any bloating, cracking, or rotting behind your gutters, call the roofing contractors at Peak Roofing & Construction right away. We can help provide you with guidance and an estimate for repair or replacement.

When should I replace my gutters?

If your gutters have required frequent repairs, you may be wondering about gutter replacement. Traditional gutter systems can last between 20-30 years. However, if you notice significant cracks, holes, rust, or deep dents, it may be worth it to replace them earlier. This is especially true if you live in a climate that has frequent storms, like Texas. If you are trying to determine if you need to replace your gutters, the best method is to hire a professional. The roofers at Peak Roofing & Construction can come to your home and complete a full inspection on your roof and gutter system. We then will provide you with an estimate for the work to be completed, and options if you need to replace your gutters.

What is the average lifespan of a gutter system?

The average lifespan of a gutter system depends on what material you have chosen. The most common type of gutter installed in Texas, aluminum, will last approximately 20 years according to the National Association of Home Builders. However, keep in mind the extreme weather and heat that’s so common in Dallas and Houston can shorten their lifespan. Copper gutter systems can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance. If durability and lifespan are important to you when you need to install or replace your gutters, make sure to talk it over with a Peak Roofing & Construction gutter specialist.

What is the proper degree of roof slope for my gutters to work properly?

Ensuring you have a properly functioning gutter system at home is essential to protect against flooding, significant water damage, eroded landscape, and other problems due to runoff water. Upon first glance, a hanging gutter system usually seems quite easy to install. However, the installation process is relatively complicated and may require an engineer to complete.

Every drain needs some slope, also known as the pitch, to allow a downward path for water to flow freely. If a gutter is not sloped enough, the water will just pool in the gutter and spill over the sides. If you have a 25-foot section of gutter, your downspout end should be sloped 5/8 of an inch lower than the opposite end to allow runoff to flow smoothly. Our roofing technicians have done this before and know the exact slope necessary to reduce potential water damage and how to install the gutter properly.

What could increase the cost of gutter installation?

For an accurate quote of the cost to install a new drain, your best option is to call Peak Roofing & Construction directly and explain the job you want to be completed. When it comes to the actual cost of a gutter installation, numerous factors will play into the total. For example, the cost of material will play a significant role. Vinyl costs less than aluminum, and steel costs more than both of them. Copper is the most expensive material often used in a gutter system.

One could also include gutter hangars, guards, and screens, all of which reduce future maintenance and repair worries, but they also increase the cost of a gutter installation further. The initial cost may be greater, but the long-term investment is usually quite clear. If you would prefer not to spend an exorbitant amount on repairs and maintenance down the line, opt for guards and screens today to protect your home or business.

Why choose Peak Roofing & Construction as your gutter company

As a family-owned and locally operated business, Peak Roofing & Construction is dedicated to providing the best roofing and gutter services in the areas we serve. Our reputation depends on it. It’s also why we can guarantee the craftsmanship on every project we do.

For more information about gutter installation, repair, or replacement call (972) 335-7325 (Dallas, Fort Worth), 281-290-7325 (Houston), or contact us online.