Post Storm Checklist

Storm damage to homes and businesses requires immediate roof and property inspection

So after a tornado, thunderstorm, hurricane, or hailstorm, make sure to check the condition of your roof and property. If a severe storm hits your area, here is a post-storm checklist of things you should do immediately following a storm.

During the storm

  • Follow all emergency instructions for your area.
    Whether you are told to stay in place or evacuate, safety comes first. There is little to nothing that can be done immediately before or after a severe storm that will significantly affect the amount of property damage that will occur.
  • Do not go out into the storm.
    Just like quarter-size hail can tear holes in your roof, it can also severely cut or injure you.
  • Seek shelter if the damage is too great.
    Helpful tip: To search for open shelters: text SHELTER and a Zip Code to 43362 (4FEMA). For example, if you lived in Dallas, Texas you would text “SHELTER 75252”. Before you go, check with your local emergency management agency as this only provides a list of locations, not a guarantee of availability.

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Bill S.

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Immediately after the storm

  • Carefully inspect your home or business.
    Use extreme caution. Always be conscious of downed power lines. It is possible for severe winds to literally rip power lines from a house. Do not get on a wet roof. The already slick roof is far worse when it is wet. Loose shingles add to the danger factor.
  • Assess damage to determine the next steps.
    • Extreme damage – Call your insurance company.
      If you believe you are going to need temporary housing, call your insurance company immediately to understand the options available.
    • Heavy or moderate damage – Call a roofing and exteriors company.
      Unless you plan on doing temporary repairs on your own, Peak Roofing & Construction suggests reaching out immediately to a reputable roofing company, so you can quickly get on their schedule. And don’t ever sign paperwork or contract with a company that just shows up at your door. There’s a very strong chance they are among the unethical “storm chasers” who may be unscrupulous and leave you with an even bigger mess.
    • Minor damage – Schedule an inspection (or assessment) with a roofing and exteriors company.
      Depending on the damage, it may be possible to do a repair for less than your deductible. In these cases, a licensed roofer, like Peak Roofing & Construction, has trained professionals that can assess the likelihood of an insurance company approving a full roof replacement as well as providing valuable information that will be helpful when you talk with your insurance adjuster.
  • Take photos!
    It’s always a good practice to take photographs of all damage you see as you go through the post-storm checklist including your home, property, and cars. Don’t forget to document additional damage including fences, windows, dented charcoal grills, broken panels on the side of your A/C equipment, playground equipment, pool deck, etc.

Has Your Home Been Affected?

Hiring a roofing company

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A list of questions to ask any roofing contractor you’re considering

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