Professional Ceiling and Drywall Repair in Frisco, TX

Make water and ceiling spots disappear

Your roof leak and skylights have been repaired, but there are still unsightly stains on the ceiling and walls. You can scrub it all day long, but it’s not going to disappear.

The most common types of interior damage from roof leaks and storm damage are discoloration, mold, and mildew on ceilings and walls. Peak Roofing & Construction in Frisco, TX has a team dedicated to ceiling and drywall repair, as well as restoring all interior areas that have been affected by storm and water damage. And, we are just a phone call away.

Quality water damage repair in Frisco

Repairing the interior damage goes hand-in-hand with exterior repairs. Homeowners have enough to deal with after a storm or leak. Being able to make a single phone call for all the repairs simplifies things greatly. Our experience in interior ceiling and wall repair is why we can proudly guarantee the products and services we do. Each project is done in a professional manner. Just like your exterior, we leave your home clean and neat.

Sealing and painting

It’s common for paint to become discolored or even bubble when moisture is trapped behind it. Our team will verify the repair area is thoroughly dried. If paint is applied too early, it doesn’t adhere and looks unprofessional. After the prep work is complete (including putting out tarps, sanding, and taping), the area is primed and painted. Typically, multiple coats are required. After the paint dries, caulk is applied, as needed, and any missing trim work is installed. Our mission is always to leave water-damaged areas looking good as new – if not better!

“Your interior painting crew did such a great job on a small project you did for us, you were our first call when we bought our new home and wanted to repaint the entire house. They were so professional and worked super hard. Thank you.”

Karen D.

Carrollton, TX


Ceiling and drywall repair in Frisco

We can stand behind our ceiling and drywall repairs services in Frisco, Austin, TX, and throughout Dallas-Fort Worth, because we put our methodology and experience to work. Our process starts with site preparation. Damaged drywall (also known as sheetrock) is removed and replaced along with any damaged corners and seams. Minor cracks and nail holes are repaired. Once the drywall is repaired, the walls are textured and painted. If a ceiling has a popcorn texture, it will require additional time and preparation. We find most people choose to replace popcorn with an alternate texture, and our team can achieve a wide range of effects based on your preferences.

A common issue with ceiling leaks is sagging (also called pillowing). In these cases, drywall is replaced rather than being repaired. When this occurs, it may be necessary to replace the insulation above as well. During our thorough water damage inspection, we will identify exactly what work will need to be done.

Trim work is often affected by moisture in the walls. In many cases, the trim can be salvaged or matched so only the affected area needs to be replaced. Peak’s interior repair professionals assess each situation as part of their thorough free inspection.

Call the professionals – proudly serving Frisco, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Austin, TX

Our dedicated team of interior repair specialists are ready to assist with repairing water damage to your walls, ceiling and trim. We proudly serve the communities of Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Dallas, North Dallas, Fort-Worth, and Austin, TX. Give us a call today.

For more information about Peak Roofing & Construction in Frisco’s drywall repair, ceiling repair and interior repair and improvement services, call (972) 335-7325 (Dallas-Fort Worth), 512-415-6888 (Austin), or contact us online.