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Is it time for a roof refresh?

roof replacementJust like anything else associated with your house, your roof has a finite lifespan. If the time has come and you need roof replacement, turn to the experts at Peak Roofing & Construction in DFW & Austin, TX. We will listen closely to your needs and provide you with a new roof that you will not only love, but that will provide you with years of reliable shelter. We offer several different types of roofing services, and we go above and beyond to make sure all of our customers are completely satisfied. We’ll also send someone to your home who will provide you with a detailed inspection of how much your new roof will cost.

Our professionals are experts in all kinds of roofing systems and are fully trained, insured, and bonded. We are proud to be a locally-owned and operated company, and we are focused on providing our services with the utmost integrity and commitment to customer service. We’ll help you file insurance claims and we stand behind all of our work with unsurpassed guarantees.

“Your team put our new roof on last week. Everything went smooth. No complaints. In fact, the professionalism of everyone I talked to was impressive. Even the crew was pleasant and respectful. Thank you.”

Stephanie B.

Frisco, Texas



Benefits of a New Roof

Roof replacement brings with it several benefits. Here are just a few of them.

Roof ReplacementIncreased safety – As a roof gets older, it begins to deteriorate. When this happens, it cannot do a good job of protecting the inside of your home from the elements. As a result, your home will be at risk for substantial water damage as well as potentially harmful mold and mildew growth. If water is allowed to intrude into your home because of a faulty roof, drywall can buckle, your attic insulation can be damaged, and your paint can peel. This is the most important reason you should consider roof replacement as soon as possible.

Warranties – When you choose a reliable contractor such as Peak Roofing & Construction, you’ll be able to take advantage of long-term warranties. This will bring you not only a new roof, but peace of mind.

Maintenance – We provide semi-yearly maintenance services that will keep your new roof looking great and performing reliably for a long time.

Reduced Insurance Premiums –  Impact Resistant Roofing materials may help you qualify for a reduction in your residential insurance premiums.  Submit this form to your insurance company to see if you qualify for a reduced rate.

Our Services

We offer both residential and commercial roof replacement services, and we are familiar with a wide range of materials. These include:



Roof Replacement Due to Hail Damage

Your home is the largest investment you’ll make. As such, it needs to be protected from weather damage. A secure roof means a safe family. However, even the best-protected roofs can easily be damaged by severe hail storms. These damages typically take the form of missing shingles, dents, and leaks. Leaks are especially dangerous. If left unrepaired, they can lead to extensive water damage and a loss of structural integrity. In these cases, you may not be able to repair the damage.

When repairs fall short, the next option is roof replacement. If you need a roof replacement, contact Peak Roofing & Construction. We have the experience and know-how to replace your current roof with a more stable and viable version. We also offer emergency services. No one can choose when a storm strikes! We aim to be available for roof replacement services whenever you need them.

Roof Replacement Cost

Even the best roof maintenance can’t prevent all problems. Sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and replace an older roof. If your roof is reaching its last days, you’re probably concerned about the cost of a roof replacement. The roof replacement cost can vary depending on the type of roof you have. Some materials are more expensive than others –heavier materials may require some additional prep-work for installation.

Before work commences, Peak Roofing & Construction will calculate a complete quote for our services. This quote will detail the costs of the material, the workforce, and the time frame to complete the roof replacement. We want you to know exactly how much your roof replacement will cost. We guarantee competitive and affordable prices for our customers. We never tack on hidden fees or charge you for extra, unnecessary services. It is our goal to be as upfront and honest as possible.

Roof Replacement Free Estimate

Peak Roofing & Construction specializes in all areas of residential and commercial roofing, including roof repairs, installation, maintenance, inspection, and more. We offer a variety of affordable and high-quality services. Our commitment to our customers is second to none. In fact, we have designed our entire business model around offering you roofing services that don’t break the bank. You can rely on us for a new roof that will provide safety, warmth, and comfort.

We completely understand that price will be a major factor in your decision. That’s why we offer a free estimate before we start any work. Our estimate will factor in the cost of materials, the size of your roof, and the workforce required. Once we’re done with our estimate, you’ll have a better idea of the cost of your roof replacement.

Emergency Roof Replacement Services

There are many reasons you could need emergency roof replacement services. For example, if an unusually severe storm damaged your roof, leaving numerous holes, you could experience structural damage due to leaks. This damage can weaken your entire home and cause undue stress and potential injuries. You can’t afford to put your family in danger.

At Peak Roofing & Construction, we provide emergency roof replacement services designed specifically to put your mind at ease. Our experienced roofers are available at any time – even on weekends or holidays – to do a quick and painless roof replacement. We use our more than 30 years of industry experience to help you select the right roofing material. Furthermore, we price all of our emergency services affordably. We know this is a trying time, and we want you to be able to focus on quality service without breaking your budget.

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