Water Remediation – Putting a Fast Stop to Water Damage

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Every leak is different, and how it appears varies as well. Far too often, leaks end up being sneaky and running between walls or showing up in a rarely used closet, living in silence until the smell of mildew gives them away.

Once you’ve discovered a leak, it’s important to act fast and take two important steps. Step #1 is to contact the experts. Peak Roofing & Construction is a trusted home remodeling contractor offering water damage remediation and repair in Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin, TX. We have the crew, know-how, and high-quality equipment to dry up your leak fast.

Step #2 is to do what you can to dry the water and reduce damage in the meantime. High-suction vacuums, fans, and dehumidifiers are your best friend at this stage of the game.

Removing water-damaged items and materials

Removing furniture, rugs, and carpet is the simplest part. The next level of complexity is stained or mildewed drywall and external siding. It becomes complex when the damage reaches the structural parts of the home. For instance, replacing rotting or warped wood. While homeowners with some level of construction or DIY experience can go it alone, we recommend bringing in a professional water damage remediation team to ensure the work is done efficiently and with a minimum impact on your home’s structure.

Peak Roofing & Construction offers FREE water damage inspections and will provide you a fair and honest quote for what it will take to dry out potential damaged areas and get your home in ship shape.

“Thanks for everything you did to fix the damage from our smashed skylight. The new skylight and flooring both look great. Appreciate you guys and you’ll be my first call the next time we have an issue.”

Scott A.

McKinney, TX



Ways to limit water damage

Removing as much moisture as possible in the first 2 days is critical. After 48 hours, it becomes more difficult to remove and the chances of having mildew and mold issues are greater. Here are a few DIY suggestions for how to eliminate, or greatly reduce moisture.

  • Check the humidity levels outside. If they are reasonably low, open up your home as much as possible. The more windows and doors you can open, the greater the circulation…and it’s free!
  • Add electricity to the effort. Pull out your old fans, borrow them, or buy new ones but get them going on high speed as close to the saturated area as possible.
  • A good Shop Vac that works on dry material and water is a wise investment. Every home should have one. Shop Vacs go a long way in sucking up water in carpets and rugs or inside cabinets.
  • Dehumidify when possible. Buying a commercial dehumidifier costs hundreds of dollars. However, tool rental places like Home Depot rent them for much less.
  • Prop open affected closets or cabinets to make sure they are getting circulation.

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