Commercial Cool Roof Systems in Houston & DFW Area

Commercial Cool Roofs Save Money

Commercial Cool Roof SystemsAs a business owner, chances are you want to add a little flair, making your roof stand out from the cookie-cutter business park, but also save money on your utilities. Peak Roofing & Construction can help. The way to go in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston is a cool roof system. We specialize in commercial roofing, and we put our all into each project. With the right high-quality coatings, you’ll enjoy a cool interior and lower monthly utility bills. What more can you ask for?

Benefits of cool roof coatings

Everyone is continuously aiming for innovation when it comes to cooling. A well-maintained commercial air conditioning unit and energy-efficient windows, provide some sense of relief from the Texas heat. And, a cool roof can do the same. It works in tandem with the other energy-saving initiatives your company is doing for even greater benefit.

Our cool roof coatings and materials:

  • Create a cool roof, an effect that most standard materials and paints cannot produce.
  • Ensure your roof reflects at least 70 percent of sunshine, guaranteeing total compliance with Cool Roof Rating Council and Energy Star recommended standards.
  • Qualify you for potential tax benefits

Commercial Cool Roof Systems Frisco Tx You have two options when considering cool roof coatings: acrylic-based or silicone-based. Each comes with its own unique benefits. Silicone-based, for instance, offers:

  • Fire resistance
  • UV light resistance
  • Water protection

“I design restaurants and for the owners, cost savings is number one and energy-savings is number two when it comes to the building. And, having a roof leaking on customers is simply not acceptable. Peak Roofing & Construction does a quality job at a reasonable price. I highly recommend them.”

John H.

Irving, Texas



Get cool with Peak Roofing & Construction

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