Commercial Cool Roof Systems in the DFW and Austin, TX Areas

Commercial Cool Roofs Save Money

Commercial Cool Roof SystemsAs a business owner, chances are you want to add a little flair, making your roof stand out from the cookie-cutter business park, but also save money on your utilities. Peak Roofing & Construction can help. The way to go in DFW  or Austin is a cool roof system through our commercial roofing contractors. We specialize in commercial roofing, and we put our all into each project. With the right high-quality coatings, you’ll enjoy a cool interior and lower monthly utility bills. What more can you ask for?

Benefits of cool roof coatings for commercial roofing

Everyone is continuously aiming for innovation when it comes to cooling. A well-maintained commercial air conditioning unit and energy-efficient windows provide some sense of relief from the Texas heat. And, therefore, a cool roof can do the same. It works in tandem with the other energy-saving initiatives your company is doing for even greater benefit.

Our cool roof coatings and materials:

  • Create a cool roof, an effect that most standard materials and paints cannot produce.
  • Ensure your roof reflects at least 70 percent of sunshine, guaranteeing total compliance with Cool Roof Rating Council and Energy Star recommended standards.
  • Qualify you for potential tax benefits

Commercial Cool Roof Systems Frisco Tx You have two options when considering cool roof coatings: acrylic-based or silicone-based. Each comes with its own unique benefits. Silicone-based, for instance, offers:

  • Fire resistance
  • UV light resistance
  • Water protection

“I design restaurants, and for the owners, cost savings is number one, and energy-savings is number two when it comes to the building. And, having a roof leaking on customers is not acceptable. Peak Roofing & Construction does a quality job at a reasonable price. I highly recommend them.”

John H.

Irving, Texas



Get cool with Peak Roofing & Construction

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