Common Questions from Customers


How do I know if I need a new roof?
What does a leaky roof look like from the inside?
How long should a roof last?
When exploring their material options, many people ask whether a metal roof costs more than a typical roof?
After having researched various types of metal roofing, most are curious to know just how long their metal roof will last compared to asphalt or wood shingle?
What are the advantages of metal over other types of roofing?
How much longer will a metal roof last than common roofing like asphalt or wood shingle?
How will a metal roof stand up to extreme weather?
What will happen to a classic metal roof in a lightning storm?
What are the advantages of metal over other types of roofing?
How can a homeowner recognize when a roof system has problems?
Do I need to protect any items inside my house from possible damage?


Why should I think about getting new gutters?
What types of gutters are common in Texas?
What about shields or guards that keep leaves and other debris out of the gutters?
What happens if the wood behind my gutters is rotted?
When should I replace my gutters?
What is the average lifespan of a gutter system?
What is the proper degree of roof slope for my gutters to work properly?
What could increase the cost of gutter installation?
Why choose Peak Roofing & Construction as your gutter company


After a storm, how do I know if my windows are damaged?
If my windows are dying of natural causes (normal age and wear), should I replace them all at once?
Do you install replacement windows at all times of the year? If so, will I lose a lot of heat or cooling during installation?


How long should a wooden fence last?
Is there a warranty on fences?

Exterior Painting

Is there anything I need to do before getting an estimate?
What kind of paint do you use?
Do you charge to provide an exterior painting estimate?