We guarantee our work

When you have work done, you expect some level or guarantee. In fact, you should make sure of it long before agreeing to the work. But far too often, it’s not the case. Peak Roofing & Construction feels so strongly about every one of our customers having a guarantee, we actually came up with five of them – plus the one provided by the manufacturer.

Whether it’s a full roof replacement, new gutters or a simple roof repair, Peak Roofing & Construction guarantees the work. There’s the obvious manufacturer’s warranty, which comes with all the products we sell, and then we add our personal craftsmanship warranty on top of it.

Our 5-point guarantee

“You have done 40-plus roofs for me and my clients and I have never had one person who is less than 100% satisfied. That is not an easy feat. But you’ve done it, so thank you.”

M. Barton

Re/Max DFW Associates, Irving, TX



Repair guarantee

We guarantee repairs are fixed right the first time. If a repair fails, we will repair it again at no charge for the term of your agreement.

Replacement guarantee

We guarantee the products we install will perform as we stated. If you are not satisfied, we will repair or replace them.

No-blame guarantee

When a product fails under manufacturer’s warranty, homeowners can get caught in the middle without resolution. The contractor points to the product manufacturer and the manufacturer blames the contractor for not correctly installing the product. This leads to homeowner frustration. Our No-Blame Guarantee provides you assurance that even if a manufacturer does not stand behind its products, we will still repair or replace it at no charge for the term of your agreement.

Happy-neighbor guarantee

We live in the same neighborhoods you do. When we see you around the neighborhood, we hope you say hello and feel good about the work we did. That’s why only experienced installers and craftsmen make up our team. If you become unhappy with our work in Dallas, Fort Worth, or Houston, we will repair, modify, or replace it to your satisfaction.

Premium craftsmanship roofing guarantee

Your roof will be constructed and installed by our highly skilled technicians using quality materials. Excluding acts of God, your roof will not fail from normal, everyday exposure because it will be installed correctly and be thoroughly inspected by a senior project manager. In the unlikely event your roof encounters any workmanship challenges; we will make the necessary repairs, interior and exterior, without charge for the term of your guarantee as specified in your agreement.