Quality PVC Roofing For Your Home Or Business in Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin, TX

Quality PVC Roofing Is a Smart Option for Many Businesses

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PVC roofing is currently one of the most popular options for commercial properties. As a business owner yourself, you’ve likely researched PVC as a viable option for your new roof. Let us be the first to tell you that yes, PVC is a fantastic solution. Peak Roofing & Construction offers  PVC roofing contractors in Texas for all your needs!

Advantages of PVC Roofing

If you have ever heard of TPO roofing, then you already know a bit about PVC. The materials are quite similar. PVC, however, is often used for flat roofs and commercial properties that experience more frequent weather conditions.

Some advantages you’ll want to note are:

  • Resistant to weather
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Fits flat roofs perfectly
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance

PVC Roofing Installation

With any roofing material, professional installation is the key to both longevity and durability. PVC is no different. When properly installed, PVC can last for decades. To ensure such a long-lasting investment, hire only the best. Peak Roofing & Construction has developed its business by helping local companies such as yourself. We go above and beyond to help your business thrive!

The installation process itself is somewhat complex. In an attempt to be straightforward and transparent, we’ve broken down a few of the steps:

  • Our roofing technicians will first install the insulation board.
  • They will then attach the PVC directly to the substrate. The method of attachment varies depending on your roof.
  • Lastly, the roofers seal every area around the roof, including vents, to prevent water or wind damage.

“Great job by your entire team. Everyone was professional and very responsive. Everything went smoothly and the job foreman was knowledgeable and kept me informed on the progress. No complaints.”

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Our Guarantee

At Peak Roofing & Construction, we are a locally-owned and operated roofing company. We have built our business from the ground up by helping the community — individuals just like yourself. We offer every customer a guarantee that their job will be completed promptly and to a higher standard than most. We’re proud of our work and stand by our craftsmanship!


What makes PVC systems more cost-effective in the long run?

As a business owner, you want the most cost-effective solutions for your company. We are the same way. We want only the best for our money.

PVC is notably cost-effective due to two key characteristics: durability and insulation. PVC can withstand extreme weather and hot temperatures, making it a tough material. On the other hand, insulation characteristics make PVC a sound choice, as the material prevents heat gain and loss.

Why is a PVC roof environmentally friendly?

You’ve likely heard PVC being called a “green roof.” This is true. PVC is currently one of the greenest materials available today. First of all, PVC helps reflect heat in the most efficient way possible. As a result, your business’ heating system doesn’t work overtime, thereby saving energy.

Furthermore, PVC is a non-toxic material. There are no negative impacts of PVC on the environment.

How are PVC roofs energy-efficient?

PVC typically comes in bright white. This unique coloring ensures the material reflects around 90% of heat from the sun. This, in turn, leads to increased savings on cooling costs.

PVC is also a wonderful insulator. You’ll notice during particularly cold months that your building remains warm for far longer.

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