Best Siding Installation, Repair & Replacement Services in Dallas-Fort Worth & Austin, TX

It’s not your grandfather’s siding. Not anymore!

What’s not to love about modern siding? It’s good-looking, can be installed onto most surface types, and adds curb appeal to your home. It’s one of the most common exterior materials used in the Dallas – Fort Worth area because of the benefits it provides. Perhaps you are considering adding siding to your home or business. Or maybe your current siding has seen better days and it’s time for a replacement. Either way, Peak Roofing & Construction is a great first step to getting the results you want.

Benefits of Siding

Choosing to replace your home’s exterior with siding is an important decision. Peak Roofing & Construction professionals witness over-and-over how happy property owners in Frisco, McKinney, and beyond are wrapping their home or business in one of our wonderful siding options. Whether you choose Hardie siding, vinyl siding, or insulated siding, your property will thank you.

Increased Property Value

Siding makes a home or business look great. Clean lines, crisp colors that won’t fade easily under the intense Texas sun, and don’t chip easily. The right siding and color can transform the exterior of your property.

Lower Maintenance

Almost all siding materials (especially vinyl and fiber cement siding which are the most common in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Irving, and surrounding cities) require little or no maintenance and they look great for years. That means less upkeep and time spent on the exterior of your home or business, and more time simply enjoying your property.

Eliminate or Drastically Reduced Painting Costs

Depending on the siding material you choose, the need to paint can actually go away. Vinyl siding never needs painting (unless you really want to), and fiber cement siding retains its colors over twice as long as other siding choices. And both options resist fades, flakes, or cracks under normal conditions. You can finally throw away the old paint buckets and brushes sitting in the corner of your garage.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Insulated siding puts an extra layer of material between the harsh outdoor elements and your home or business. It helps keep away the wind and cold which translates into energy savings and lower utility bills. Who doesn’t want that to happen?

The Two Most Common Siding Materials

Vinyl Siding

If you’re motivated by cost, vinyl siding may “peak” your interest. The advantages are that it holds its color amazingly well and comes in so many colors you’re sure to find one you really like. It’s also durable so it’s resistant to cracking and water damage. If you’re looking for a specific texture, you will likely find it in vinyl siding as well. The professionals at Peak Roofing & Construction can advise you on the best choice for your home or business based on your goals and budget.

James Hardie and LP Smart Side Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is quickly gaining popularity. It is commonly called Hardie siding. Wood fiber and cement are the two primary materials. It comes in a broad range of styles, textures, and colors. One big benefit is its elegant wood texture looks like actual wood. The concrete gives it durability, unlike any other siding which is important when it comes to the hail damage and crazy winds so common in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It also costs less than brick. Peak Roofing & Construction can install on virtually any home or office. And since it’s much thicker than vinyl siding the manufacturer’s warranty is longer.  

“The house we bought came with very cheap siding. We knew it was bad when we bought the house but a few heavy rains and it looked awful. And, we found several windows were leaking. We made the decision to replace both but we only wanted to deal with one company. The Peak Roofing & Construction team was so helpful. Our project manager took care of everything and we always felt like we knew exactly what was going on and what was going to happen next. Considering it’s an old house, I’m sure we’ll be calling again soon for the next project.”

Mike H.

Lewisville, TX



Siding Installation by the Professionals

Many avid DIY’ers have taken on their own siding projects…and then called us in frustration. And, we were glad to help. If you don’t feel like renting a scaffold, spending hours suspended in the air, measuring, hanging, and nailing, you might want to start with a call to Peak Roofing & Construction. That’s why we’re here.

Call for a free assessment and estimate today. One of our team members will come to your home or business and discuss the many options available for your property.

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