We love what we do

While some may think roofs, gutters, windows, and fences are boring…we don’t. In fact, when we see a photo of the work our team has done, we get giddy. It’s that commitment to professionalism and quality that sets us apart. Our Dallas and Austin roofing company is passionately obsessive about providing homeowners and companies the best exterior services around. Each day we put out more than 30 years of roofing and exterior construction experience to work for our customers.

We believe there is a better way to be a successful Dallas roofing and construction company. It’s by focusing on being professional and honest, delivering excellent craftsmanship, and guaranteeing our work. We are excited to share our enthusiasm and top-notch services in the Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“My husband and I are huge supporters of local businesses. We go out of our way to find smaller businesses that aren’t too corporate and still really care about their customers. Peak did not disappoint us. They were a joy to work with throughout our roof replacement and gutter installation. I would use them again in a heartbeat.”

Rhonda L.

McKinney, Texas



Our history

Jeff and Joey Riss started Peak Roofing & Construction (previously Peak Roofing Systems) after moving to Frisco, Texas. Jeff learned about roofing working for another local roofing company. But eventually, he had enough – his entrepreneurial spirit could not be squelched any longer. Together, Jeff and Joey’s limitless amount of energy made the perfect foundation for starting their own family-based business.

As the company grew, we added more professionals, all well-seasoned in their specific areas of expertise. And, as our customers asked us to do more…we did it. This led to the current range of
services we can provide today, as well as our office in Austin, Texas.

What is the personality of the roofing company?

Definitely work hard and play hard. Working outside in the elements is not the “cushiest” trade we could have picked, but we love what we do. Having worked at other roofing companies, we know there is something special about our team. The trust that exists between the different teams is rare in today’s market. We like working together and take pride in our work.

Dallas Family Roofing Company

Peak Roofing & Construction is about doing what it takes to make the customer happy, and we guarantee our work. Our owners are not sitting behind desks; they are on top of roofs and talking with customers, ensuring you are beyond satisfied.

Every member of our management team is involved in the community where they live. Giving back is something we feel strongly about. Our favorite philanthropies include the Collin County Children’s Advocacy Center, Habitat for Humanity, and Breast Cancer Awareness.

How did we get our name?

Because our roots are in roofing, it seemed natural to pick something that represented our industry. We considered lots of words and phrases. However, when we thought about the word peak, it just stuck in our heads. Sure, it’s the top of a roof, but it’s so much more. It’s about giving customers peak performance. And the fact it looks good on our shirts and trucks didn’t hurt either. But ultimately, we want to continue being at the top of our profession, regardless of the types of services we are providing.