Best Gutter Cleaning Services in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin, TX Areas

Don’t Put Off Gutter Cleaning

When you look up at your gutters do you see sticks or debris hanging over the side? Or, even worse, do you see actual grass or baby trees? Don’t laugh. We’ve seen it more than once. If you see things growing from your gutters, you are well overdue for a good cleaning.

Rain gutters provide many benefits to your home or business. But just like most exterior surfaces, they require some tender love and care if they are going to last and continue working correctly. Neglecting them is a bad idea. You can eliminate the stress of gutter cleaning by calling Peak Roofing & Construction to get a FREE quote to clean your gutters and downspouts.

Take the easy way out

Although thousands of people take on the job of cleaning their own gutters, very few enjoy it. And the vast majority will go as far as to say they dread or hate it. Soaking in the big game…or even watching Golden Girl reruns is more appealing than gutter cleaning to most of us. But there is a ray of hope. The professionals at Peak Roofing & Construction actually enjoy doing it. Of course, they have an advantage over most homeowners in that they work in teams and have the right equipment to safely do the job. And, we make sure they are well trained so the work is done efficiently and carefully.

“I want to thank you all for a great experience. Everything from the prompt and professional first reply, to the informative installers went out of their way to ensure we were happy with the results, to something as simple as cleaning up after themselves. It was a great experience.”

Dave M.

Desoto, Texas



Why is cleaning necessary?

  • Clogs can cause damage to eaves and fascia (The fascia is that board that runs right behind your gutters)
  • Water can leak into the house and damage walls and floors
  • Mosquitoes breed in the standing water, and we already have too many mosquitoes in Dallas and Fort Worth
  • Too much weight from neglected dirt and leaves can damage to gutter brackets
  • Gutter clogs offer ideal nesting sites for unwanted pests.
  • Overflowing water negates the benefits of the gutter system
  • Over watering garden beds

The Peak approach

Even gutter systems with leaf guards, need to be checked periodically to ensure they are working correctly. Our team of professionals works all around the Austin and DFW areas including Prosper, Carrollton, and Grapevine. They arrive on-site and do a thorough inspection of the gutter system and remove all large debris. Then they methodically clean the gutters and downspouts using high-pressure water. Should any concerns be found with your gutter system, we will inform you and make recommendations on repairs.

For more information about gutter installation, repair, or replacement call (972) 335-7325 (Dallas-Fort Worth), 512-415-6888 (Austin), or contact us online.