16 May

Fences Built to Last

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Fences BuiltWhy do you have a fence? If you live in a heavily populated, one of the main reasons is likely logical…you need to define your property lines. When you install or replace your fence, how do you know how durable it will be? Let’s talk about some of the most common fence materials found in Texas.

Why have a fence?

Fences define property lines, but they serve many other purposes. They provide privacy, some offer a design element to the landscape and provide protection for young children as well as their flying balls and rolling toys. In some instances, they simply keep the neighbors dog from wandering over and chasing the bunnies away. Whatever the motivation, your fence needs to withstand the test of time…or at least a reasonable amount of it.

Fences have a hard life

The primary reason for deterioration is the natural elements. A fence gets no relief from the harsh weather and heat of Texas. As a result, materials can decompose (rot), crack, and split. Even when they are made of high quality materials.  

Durable fence materials

  • Cedar. Very popular in our area. It holds up to our weather conditions and typically outlasts softer woods like pine. Another bonus is cedar contains natural oils that help deter insect damage and rotting. Cedar also doesn’t require a sealer.
  • Vinyl (or PVC). Definitely ranks high on the durability list. It is resistant to heat and doesn’t rot, splinter or crack. As far as appearance, it’s really a matter of preference as we hear both positives and negatives from our customers. The main downside is the larger upfront cost compared to wood.
  • Wrought Iron. Like vinyl, it is extremely strong and does not crack or splinter. Although commonly seen in black, they come in many other colors. Wrought iron provides a look of elegance but comes with a price tag to match. By the way, some people spell it as rod iron since it looks like rods but the correct spelling (and pronunciation) is wrought iron.

If you are considering having a fence installed in the Dallas or Fort Worth area, please give us a call. Just like our roofing, the fences, gutters and other exterior services we install are done with the highest level of craftsmanship. Our fencing crew is highly experienced and will do an excellent job for you. Guaranteed.

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