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5 Simple Steps for Exterior Painting

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exterior paintingWhen Jeff and I take an excursion to our local home improvement store, we often end up at Home Depot watching the people standing at the paint counter on a Saturday morning. I see people with rollers and buckets in-hand getting ready to start their weekend DIY project. I always wonder how many are taking on exterior painting and how few are likely doing it correctly.
Exterior painting, done correctly, requires far more time and effort that most think. Our painting experts at Peak Roofing & Construction take the time to do it right. We don’t just want it to look good when we leave, we want your home or business to look good years into the future. Here are five steps we take on every job we do.

1.Choosing the paint

Picking the color of paint can be done any time during the surface preparation phase. However, before the Peak Roofing & Construction professionals get too far down the path, you need to determine the type of paint to use. This will be determined by what is appropriate for your home or business. In Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston, you typically see acrylic latex being used. It does an excellent job of maintaining its color and adheres well to most materials.
Selecting the color is big decision…and one only you can make, although we are happy to provide advice. You also may want to do online research as to what exterior paint colors are trending upwards. Bright colors tend to fade more quickly than darker ones which may be a consideration if you’re trying to avoid repainting for as long as possible. When selecting trim colors, be consistent in the type of colors you use. For example, do not mix a cool gray with a warm cream.
While you are considering paint colors, it’s worth a discussion about what other elements might need a fresh coat. For instance, many of our customers choose to repaint their gutters at the same time so they complement the new primary wall color. Others decide it’s a good time to re-stain their fence so the entire property has a fresh look

2. Preparing the surface

The surface must be clean and smooth before beginning to paint. Our professionals start by cleaning the exterior area to be painted. This includes pressure washing the surface. What people don’t realize is the key to a successful paint job is 90% dependent on proper preparation of the area. If there is any peeling or chipped paint, we scrape it and power wash so there are no loose surfaces.
Caulking and patching is the second part of surface preparation. Joints and cracks must be sealed. If there are materials that need to be replaced, such as rotten fascia boards, we will let you know prior to replacing them. If you have stucco, missing areas will be patched with new stucco before priming begins.

3. Priming the surface

Applying a base sealer, called a primer, is the next step. Peak Roofing & Construction uses high-quality sealers with high concentrations of resin to ensure the paint adheres correctly. The job of the primer is to seal past paint and leave a new, smooth surface. If there is any dirt left on the paint, not washed off during cleaning, it will be covered by the primer. The primer must be completely dry before painting begins. This time will vary based on the material and moisture levels. For stucco primer, this might be a few days.

4. Applying the paint

If you are trying to decide between multiple shades, we will paint a test area to make sure the color, when dry, is what you have in mind. Two coats of the final color will be applied and sometimes more depending on the surface. The important thing is to make sure the color looks rich and consistent across the entire surface.

5. Checking job quality

Before finishing an exterior paint job, one of our project managers inspects the surfaces. Then, we will ask you to review our work before signing off. Like every Peak Roofing & Construction service, we guarantee our craftsmanship.
We want every customer to be happy with their new, fresh-looking exterior. Our goal is for you to call us the next time you need exterior services, whether it be a roof replacement, gutters, windows, or a new fence.

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