Other Commercial Roofing Services Houston / The Woodlands, TX

In addition to some of the more traditional roofing materials you might see, Peak Roofing Systems also offers alternatives. If your roofing needs don’t line up with the traditional ones seen in The Woodlands, that’s no problem. We offer a variety of other commercial roofing services.

Modified Bitumen As a Solution

One solution we offer is modified bitumen. This commercial roofing material is similar in make-up and style to an asphalt roof, but it works best on low-sloped building roofs. Modified bitumen has an extensive warranty and remains consistently durable.

Some of the perks you’ll experience with a modified bitumen roof on your commercial property include…

  • Long lifespan
  • Durability
  • Ease of repair
  • Affordability
  • Extended warranties
  • Multi-ply or single options at purchase
  • Compatibility with asphalt shingles in place already
  • Reflective to UV and heat rays

Fabric-Reinforced Ply Systems For Your Commercial Roof

Another alternative that is versatile and durable is a fabric-reinforced ply system. This solution can be utilized on both homes and commercial properties. The advantages of this include…

  • Flexibility in use (commercial or residential)
  • Seamless in production design
  • Long-lasting strength and durability
  • A reflective topcoat
  • Ease of installation

Whether you choose a fabric-reinforced ply system roof or a roof composed of modified bitumen, with Peak Roofing Systems on your side you’ll make the right choice no matter what. Call our The Woodlands team for quality service and installation: [hphone].