Plano Gutter Installation and Repair

Roofing, Gutters & Exterior Services Frisco, TX Peak Roofing & Construction has offered professional gutter installation and repairs in Plano, TX for years. Through decades of experience, we’ve noticed that Plano homeowners care greatly about their roofs, however sometimes forget to service and maintain their gutters, which can be a costly mistake!

Poorly routed rainwater is the #1 cause of damage to any home or business infrastructure. Many times, water damage is a result of damaged or low functioning gutter systems. If you haven’t checked your gutters recently, or if you suspect damage, it’s time to call in the experts. At Peak Roofing, we offer quality gutter installation to both Plano home and business owners. Every gutter installation or repair begins with a FREE inspection performed by one of our experienced Exterior Services technicians. We’ll provide you with an honest, obligation free quote for your installation, with the experience and knowledge of the very best in town.

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“With so many roofing companies, I didn’t know where to start. After asking around, the common name I was given was Peak Roofing. I know very little about roofing but appreciated how Jared explained what he was talking about in a language I understood. I absolutely recommend Jared and Peak Roofing”

-Stephanie I.

Plano, TX


How Do I Know I Need New Gutters in Plano, TX?

Damaged gutters are most apparent during or after a rainstorm. The most common sign of a cracked or damaged gutter is when water flows from the gutter system along the roofline, instead of through the downspout. Even if it may appear minor, the damage can be costly and serious.

Damaged or poorly installed gutters will lead to excess liquid pooling around the edges of your home or commercial structure. This is when foundation cracks, topsoil damage, and flooding in rooms below the ground level occurs. Improper routing of water may also cause exterior damage leading to the discoloration of siding, brick, and stone masonry.

If you have noticed any of these problems, contact Peak Roofing in Plano for an immediate inspection and quote on gutter installation or repair.

The Benefits of Professional Gutter Installation

A properly installed gutter system by Peak Roofing & Construction can you save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repairs down the road. As part of your FREE Plano home inspection and estimate, a technician with Peak Roofing will analyze your entire gutter system looking for leaks, fractures, and any potentially harmful wear and tear. Installing a complete system can:

  • Stabilize surrounding topsoil
  • Avoid foundation damage such as cracking and settling
  • Prevent flooding
  • Preserve landscaping
  • Protect siding, brick, and masonry
  • Minimize water damage to decks, patios, and walkways while also reducing settling of concrete foundations of same

Ready to Call in the Experts?

Don’t let easily repairable gutter systems cost you thousands of extra dollars. Protect your home investment by calling the experts at Peak Roofing & Construction, professional gutter installation in Plano, TX. From inspection, to repair, to full-service installation, we know gutters and understand what the homes and businesses of Plano, TX need.

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