Professional Frisco Roof Replacement

Frisco roof repairReplacing a roof can be one of the most significant investments you will ever make in your home, and with so much on the line, it’s important to get it right the first time. For over 20 years, the homeowners of Frisco have trusted Peak Roofing & Construction, professional roof replacement in Frisco, TX delivered on time, on budget, and always to your specifications.

If your roof is showing signs of age, damage, or if it’s leaking, it’s time to talk to Peak. Every roof replacement project begins with an in-person visit and a complete inspection of the roof by one of our experienced roofing technicians. We take the time to walk you through our findings and give you our honest opinion on your roof’s state. Then, we do something even more important. Something you won’t find at many roofing companies in Frisco … we listen!

We listen to your needs – your design and material preferences, your budget, your insurance requirements, your schedule. If it’s important to you, then it’s important to us. Only then, once we understand what you want out of your roof replacement, do we plan and write-up our FREE roof replacement estimate.

If you think your Frisco home may need a new roof, schedule a FREE roof inspection and estimate today by calling (972) 335-7325 or completing our form.

“Every Facet of the work was performed by professional craftsmen at top-notch standards. Outstanding project management and daily work review meant every expectation was met or exceeded.”

Stephanie B.



Why Should I Get My Roof Replaced?

We’ve been replacing roofs in Frisco for decades, and by now, we’ve seen and done it all. One constant we see is homeowners who put off replacing their roof until it can’t wait any longer. But this can often cost more in the long run. Here are the benefits of replacing your roof with Peak:

    • Protects Your Home – Aging or damaged roofs may not keep rain, wind, extreme heat, or other elements of your home the way they should. And when the weather gets in, costly damage comes with it. Rainwater leaking into the home can cause wood and drywall to soften, leading to structural damage. Water also promotes the growth of mold and mildew within the home, presenting a health hazard. Worst of all, these problems are often invisible to homeowners until significant damage has already been done. With a professional roof replacement by Peak Roofing, you protect your home for years to come.


    • Replacement on Your Terms – If you wait until your roof is severely damaged in a storm or compromised by wear and tear, you might be put in a position where you have to go with the roof that’s in budget right then and not the one you want and planned for. It also may not be a convenient time to have work done on your home. Peak Roofing works directly with your to design and price out the roof that you really want.


  • Warranty – Working with a reliable Frisco roofing contractor like Peak Roofing means enjoying the added peace of mind and security of a long-term warranty.

What Kind of Roof Should I Get?

Having a wealth of options is just another reason to work with Peak. With 30+ years of experience replacing roofs in Frisco, we have the in-depth knowledge and capacity to work with virtually any roofing material or design, residential and commercial. You can learn more about our roofing options below:

Residential Frisco Roof Replacement:

Commercial Frisco Roof Replacement:

What Will Replacing My Frisco Roof Cost?

The cost of replacing a roof depends on many factors: the size and design of your roof, the materials you select, and whether any structural repair to the house is needed are all major components. What you can know going in is that Peak Roofing & Construction will always provide an honest assessment and estimate for your roof replacement. No hidden fees, no unnecessary services. Just a straight forward budget that you can afford and that we will stick to.

So What Do I Do First?

Every roof replacement we complete in Frisco starts with a FREE roof inspection and estimate by one of our experienced roofers. There’s no obligation, no pressure, and there’s no better way to learn if you need a roof replacement.

So why wait? If you think you might need a roof replacement in Frisco, TX, order your FREE inspection and estimate by calling (972) 335-7325 or completing our form today.