Peak keeps client up and running through complex roof replacement.

Progressive Waste Management (now known as Waste Connections after a name change) is a national provider of solid waste collection and transfer services. They’re experts in the business of garbage, so they knew when the leaking roof on their Dallas facility was ready for the landfill. They found Peak Roofing and Construction through a Google search and we set to work on what proved to be a unique and challenging job.

Progressive’s roof comprised of two buildings, an administration building attached to a mechanical shop. Our first step was to remove the old foam roof, which can be a messy process as the foam breaks into small pieces and blows around the job site.

But our crew worked meticulously to keep the fragments contained so the client’s business could continue uninterrupted. We then installed a flute filler on top of the metal substrate, which formed a flat surface for a 60-millimeter Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roof system. While preventing leaks was the top priority, the client also wanted plenty of natural light inside, so we took on the added challenge of installing 20 skylights on the flat roof. Since the job wrapped up in 2017, the facility is still nice and bright, and watertight.