An eccentric building presents an intriguing roofing challenge.

We at Peak Roofing & Construction have built, replaced, and repaired hundreds of roofs, but every now and then, we get a project that puts our creativity and capabilities to the test. Life Storage, a provider of self-storage spaces, was constructing a new storage facility with a unique twist – the storage units were recycled from old cargo shipping containers. Unlike most new construction jobs, there was no existing playbook for how to install a new roof connecting rows of giant metal boxes.

Peak Roofing & Construction worked closely with the general construction contractor to come up with a practical solution. We applied multiple layers of thick insulation called ISO board to the shipping containers, which provided essential moisture-resistance and energy-efficiency to combat the hot and humid Gulf Coast climate. The ISO board gave us a sturdy base on which to install a leak-proof roof system. It was an unconventional approach to an unconventional project, and was one of our most rewarding jobs yet.