A high-pressure project completed with extreme speed.

It was June 2020 when iFly, an indoor skydiving entertainment center, called us with a peculiar request. They didn’t need a new roof; they wanted us to cut a huge hole in their current roof! More specifically, iFly needed to replace the enormous fan (essentially a jet engine) that drives their skydiving operation, and the only way to get the oversize equipment in and out of the building was through the roof. As if cutting a 15’ X 15’ hole in the roof – eight stories above the ground – wasn’t challenging enough, summer is iFly’s busiest time of the year, so they needed the job done as quickly as possible to avoid losing valuable business.

Like skydiving itself, this project took skill, coordination, and perfect timing. There was no room for error. During iFly’s off hours, the Peak Roofing & Construction crew carefully cut the precise hole in the roof, worked with the crane operator to remove the old fan and guide the new one into place, and finally replace the cut-out roofing material and seal it shut. Miraculously, we completed the entire process in only two hours! The next day, iFly was back in business, as if we were never there.