How a potential circus turned into
a masterful high-wire act.

With all of the roofing projects we do, there are always complexities we have to take into consideration. But with this particular residential roofing job, there were quite a few moving parts, hurdles and issues that we had to overcome. Without coordination, preparation and our 30-years of experience, it might well have become a three-ring spectacle.

Here’s what happened

The minute we stepped foot on the property to survey the situation, we knew the roof would need to be completely replaced because we could see that it was curling everywhere. However, we hit a bit of a snag. The existing slate brand and model were discontinued years before, and there were numerous claims of defective roofs that the manufacturer settled with a class action lawsuit. Not a problem. We researched product options that would be best suited for this client, presented them, Davinci Bellaforte slate was selected, and away we went.

Not so fast. The next issue was product availability. Once you order a product, there’s quite a long turnaround time, but we figured we needed to get started tearing off the old roof before the product arrived due to its sheer size. But there was one thing hanging over our heads: crazy Dallas weather. Since PEAK is Texas-owned and we’ve seen a thing or two through the decades, we understood this schizoid dynamic. We were prepared for those inevitable pop-up storms and worked quickly to tear off the old roof and put down a premium synthetic underlayment that was easy to install and completely waterproof.

Luckily, we beat the rain and the materials arrived just when we were ready for them so it all worked out. Perfect timing. But here’s where other companies might’ve lost their footing. The roof had dangerously steep slopes with multiple conical turrets, upwards of 24/12 pitch, which meant that you get 24 inches of rise every 12 inches. So most of our work had to be done with everybody strapped in with ropes and harnesses. On top of this, there was a large pool in the backyard we had to be mindful of and not let the breeze send the debris from our tear-out sail over and into it.

It gets better. The client was buying the house and wouldn’t complete the deal until the roof was replaced. They also asked that we put together a day-by-day detailed schedule and expected us to follow this as closely as possible. We always do that, but in this case, the client was on an accelerated schedule because he was leaving the country. So a job that would normally take three or four weeks had to be completed in two weeks. Could we please accommodate?

We devised a plan we knew would work and kicked it into high gear. We replaced the roof in sections, facet by facet, quadrant by quadrant, methodically and with utter finesse. After everything was completed, we fabricated and installed almost 1,000 linear feet of oversized six-inch gutters with matching downspouts to match the roof. After all, was said and done, everyone was walking on air. Thanks to PEAK’s expertise and proven know-how, what could have been something you’d see under the big top was nothing less than a finely tuned balancing act.