13 Jan

Winter Roofing Damage – A Roofing Contractor’s Insight

Winter roofing damageFirst, I realize in North Texas we rarely experience severe winter weather for more than a few hours. However, every few years, when it happens, you should know your roofing contractor is trained and knowledgeable about winter roofing damage scenarios and is ready to help address it.

One of the critical things should look for when choosing a roofer to do winter repairs in North Texas is to look for companies with Haag Certified roofing inspectors. Most Peak Roofing & Construction inspectors hold at least one Haag certification. Part of Haag’s extensive certification training covers identifying cold-weather-related roofing issues. 

The following types of winter roofing damage are the most common my team and I see in this area.

Strong Winds

Except for August (when we beg for even a breeze), wind damage is a constant threat in North Texas. When the howl of winter winds or the sound of branches banging against your roof wakes you up, you are reminded that powerful gusts are no friend to your roof. They top my list because of the multiple ways they cause damage. Should we get snow, the weight on the branches combined with wind drives broken branches down potentially penetrating shingles, cracking tiles, or denting the metal. Strong winter winds can lift and loosen shingles and even blow them completely off your roof in some cases. To help prevent wind damage, make sure you cut back your tree limbs before winter. 

Moisture and Mold Growth

If moisture or water gets trapped on your roof or in your gutters at any time during the year, it can seep under shingles or tiles and trickle into your home or business. Over time, it damages the roofing deck and enters the attic. Drywall and insulation then become susceptible to mold and mildew. Winter leaves roofs particularly vulnerable as freezing water expands and may cause cracks in the roofing weather barrier. Proper ventilation is the best prevention.


Although lasting snow on roofs is a rarity, icicles are not. At least a few times a year, we see a few icicles. Rarely do icicles in North Texas pose a danger from falling, but they can damage roofs and gutters if ripped off. Knocking down the icicles is not recommended as it can cause damage by forcibly ripping them off. The best approach, whether you are in Lewisville, Cedar Springs, or other Metroplex locations, is to let nature take its course and melt them. 

Skylight Leaks

We frequently get calls for leaking skylights after a hard freeze. Many times, the leak occurs around the frame where snow and ice melted. Unrepaired leaks tend to trickle inside, resulting in drywall damage and a need for interior painting.

Gutters and Downspout Damage

Should this winter bring a hard freeze, ice buildup in gutters or downspouts becomes a concern. Ice blocks can result in water back-up and cause a strain on gutter supports. Severe cases are when gutters crack or pull away from the roof’s edge. Clearing leaves and debris before the first hard freeze is the best prevention.


The Peak Roofing & Construction team knows there is never a good time for roof damage or roof leaks. Doing what you can to prevent leaks and catch small problems before becoming big is the best course of action. Call and schedule your free inspection today to make sure your roof is ready for the remainder of winter. 

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