10 Jul

Stay cool with proper roof and attic ventilation

attic ventilation system on Dallas homeNow that another hot Texas summer is here, are you avoiding your attic at all costs? If your attic is too hot to enter, you may be experiencing a significant attic ventilation problem that needs to be addressed for several reasons.

Why you need proper attic ventilation

  • Hot air removal reduces cooling costs
  • HVAC systems do not work as hard
  • Ventilation removes humidity build-up and minimizes the chance of mold growth
  • Proper attic temperatures extend the life of asphalt shingles

Best options for attic ventilation

There are two main types of attic ventilation. Active and passive.

Active ventilation. Involves some type of powered fan physically drawing hot air out of the attic. A thermostat inside the attic activates the fan to turn on and off. They can be electric or solar powered.

Passive ventilation. A simple opening close to the highest point in the roof lets air escape. While this type of ventilation is the least expensive and well-proven, most roofs lack enough vents to work effectively.

Picking the right type of ventilation

Start with a knowledgeable roofer like Peak Roofing. We have over 30 years’ experience assessing and installing attic ventilation in the Dallas and Houston markets on all size homes and commercial buildings. Before purchasing new ventilation equipment, your roofer should calculate the volume of air inside the attic to make sure the right number and type of vents are installed. Active attic ventilation is more effective and requires fewer vents. You also want to avoid a roofing company merely coming in and replacing existing inadequate vents. If you have passive attic ventilation, ask the cost to upgrade to an active system. If staying with a passive system, consider upgrading to a ridge vent instead of small mechanical vents. Your Peak Roofing technician can help guide you through this decision.

Finally, you want to avoid mixing types of attic ventilation systems as well. For example, if you upgrade to a ridge vent, you need to fill in the mechanical vent holes to avoid the holes becoming air intake. This configuration is called short-cycling, and it counteracts the benefits of the system. This scenario is another reason why hiring a knowledgeable roofer for your Dallas or Houston-area home is essential.

Once you have all the information and understand your options, only then should you move forward with your attic ventilation solution.

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