22 Jan

The Benefits of Vinyl Siding in North Texas

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vinyl siding in north texas, a durable and cost effective solution

The past six months reminded us all that Dallas, McKinney, Garland and the surrounding areas are prime targets for wind, hail and even tornadoes. And, unfortunately, our homes seem to receive the brunt of the damage. With many houses being at least partially covered in vinyl siding, picking the right type makes a big difference when it comes to weathering storms. Modern improvements in siding have drastically increased its durability, making it a smart choice for homes and multi-family structures that don’t want the work and expense of painting every 5-7 years.

Today’s vinyl siding is dependable and sturdy

Initially, some people shied away from vinyl siding because of its reputation for easily breaking and cracking. Over the years, the technology and production methods for modern siding have improved substantially. Today’s siding withstands most standard hailstorms. It typically takes large, severe hail to create enough damage to require repair or replacement.

Holding up to high wins

The quality vinyl siding recommended and installed by Peak Roofing & Construction tests to withstand up to 90 mile per hour winds which is the code requirement for the DFW area including Prosper, Carrollton, and Grapevine. So, when a spring windstorm hits Dallas or Frisco, you know your siding will stay exactly where it should without coming loose or cracking. In addition, combined with the right insulation, siding helps reduce energy costs.

Spring rains are no threat

Even if this year brings an onslaught of rainy days, having vinyl siding means not worrying about rotting materials or mold and mildew. The key to keeping unwanted moisture outside your home is professional installation. Experienced installers, like the crews we have at Peak, know exactly how to hang siding so it has a tight-fitting seal but allows for needed expansion due to fluctuations in temperature.

If your siding needs repair or you are ready to replace it, get a free estimate on professional siding installation by Peak Roofing and Construction, DFW’s top choice in all home exterior services. Our professionals can evaluate your current situation and make recommendations for next steps.

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