30 Oct

Spooky Ways to Dress Up Your Home Exterior

Driving through a neighborhood and being surprised by a house where the owners went all-out with Halloween decorations is one of the fun things about fall. Last year, I shared some of my favorite Halloween haunts around the Frisco and the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. This year, I’ve been thinking about how we can cram a few more decorations in our yard. Here are some of my favorite ideas.

Make your gutters spooky

Huge spider webs are easy and fun. This one makes a big impression. It hangs from your gutters and spreads out across the yard. Not too scary for little ones but it definitely adds a spooky feel to the house. And, for everyone who knows me personally, it’s on Amazon Prime which makes it even better!

spiderweb lawn decoration for halloween

For those who favor the ghostly look, a larger-than-life ghoul is a great option to hang from your gutters. Not only does it provide a scary look from the sidewalk, it has a sensor inside that makes the eyes glow and shake for those brave enough to get close.

ghost decoration hanging from gutter for halloween

Rooftop scare

You don’t have to wait for Santa Claus to come up on your roof. This photo is my favorite. I applaud the homeowner, Kevin Byrne, who thought of the idea and then hand carved it. You can check out all his photos on his website. “I wanted to take advantage of my home’s flat roof and parapet wall to make a decoration what was interacting with its environment,” Byrne posted. “I came up with the skeleton idea, made a crude mock-up and used my own proportions–skull, forearm, fingers, etc. – to plan a creature that would stand 45 feet tall.”

large skeleton decoration on roof for halloween

From the Peak Roofing & Construction team, we wish everyone a fun and safe Halloween!

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