12 Sep

Shedding Shingle Granules: Should I Worry?

Shingle granules can be a sign of a damaged roofbig storm hits and you venture outside to inspect the damage. Thankfully, you don’t see full-size asphalt shingles or roof tiles on the ground, but the area around your house is peppered with little shingle granules. Although typically not critical, it is important to not ignore it.

What’s the purpose of granules on asphalt shingles?

Shingle granules provide another layer of protection for your roof. Their main function is to combat the sun’s harsh ultra-violet rays. They also have the job of making your roof more fire resistant. And then there’s the practical function of keeping the asphalt on the shingles from sticking to one another. The other benefit we selfishly enjoy it allows shingles to come in so many great colors that impact the overall exterior of a home or business.

Why are granules falling off my asphalt shingles?

If it’s right after a storm, heavy winds, hail and rain is the likely culprit. The severe conditions simply loosen the materials.

Other common reasons are age and quality of shingles. If you see a significant number of shingle granules on the ground and your roof is older, it’s worth a call to a professional, honest roofing company. The reason I stress honest, is that sadly, there are many unscrupulous roofing companies around the Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston areas that will say you need a new roof. This may, or may not, be the case. Some granule loss is perfectly normal as your roof ages. Ask to see photos of your roof. If it is severe, you can likely see if from the ground as well.

How do I know if I’m losing granules?

Three ways to easily tell if your roof is losing granules quickly:

  • Walk around the outside of your home and look for evidence on the ground. Pay special attention to the areas around your downspouts since they gather in the gutters and come down during the next rainfall.
  • Watch for them when you do your routine gutter cleaning or ask the company doing your gutter cleaning if they are seeing a concerning amount.
  • Monitor how many granules are still on your shingles. If they are fully covered, you’re likely in good shape.

Still concerned?

Call Peak Roofing & Construction. Our professionals will come out and do a free inspection. Our team will look at the overall health of your roof including granule loss and any other damage that might be apparent.

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