17 Apr

Wind Damage to Roofing: “The wind comes right behind the rain”

high velocity wind causing property damage Oklahoma is known as the state where  “the wind comes sweepin’ down the plains” and “the wind comes right behind the rain.” Well, Texas is not that far off from being the same way in some regions. The strong storms and straight-line winds that came sweeping through Dallas neighborhoods in March were the types that can cause severe damage to a roof, fence, or siding.

Not only does this area gets its share of high-velocity wind but North Texas also attracts tornadoes and hurricanes. After a strong storm comes through Dallas, Frisco, Plano or the surrounding areas, our phones start ringing. If it’s strong winds, there are calls about tree branches crashing into roofs or shingles being scattered across a lawn. If rain is involved, there is a surge in calls for repair of roof leaks.

Storm damage prevention

While there’s nothing a roofing company can do to prevent your home from incurring damage during the next big wind or hail storm, a yearly roof inspection goes a long way in identifying potential weak areas in your roofing system like the chimney flashings and skylights.

Identifying wind damage

The obvious telltale sign of wind damage to your home is seeing sections of siding or shingles missing from your home. But if you still suspect damage without obvious signs, it may be time to call a reputable roofer for an estimate. Rather than climbing the roof yourself, we suggest letting the professionals inspect for misaligned or loose shingles. The last thing you want is a damaged roof and body at the same time.

Remember: The State of Texas does not require roofing companies to be licensed and always beware of companies that do not have a strong BBB rating or significant online reviews from multiple sources.

How does wind damage happen?

If you have a newer roof you may be wondering how it could already be damaged. The newer the roof, the more likely it is to hold up to heavy winds but, even a brand new roof is going to have difficulty surviving high-powered winds.

When Peak Roofing & Construction is called to repair a roof we did not install, we frequently see poor installation techniques as the reason why there is significant roofing damage. Not using the right number of nails or applying too much pressure with a nail gun can cause shingles to not be installed correctly, thus making them vulnerable during a storm.

Getting a free inspection

If you think your roof was damaged during a recent wind storm, call us or request an inspection online today. Part of our inspection process includes climbing up on the roof and taking photos of any issues we may see. If we feel there is enough damage, we will provide you information to help you when you contact your insurance company about a potential claim.

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