05 Dec

Leaking Roof, Better Check Your Chimney

Roof flashing is leading cause of roof damage.

The new Mary Poppins debut is just around the corner. So soon we’ll find out if Lin-Manuel Miranda can meet the high expectations set by Dick Van Dyke over 54 years ago. Although most homeowners’ issues are not with the ch–, ch–, chimney sweep, the flashing around the chimney can pose great danger.

Leaky chimney flashings are a common source of roof leaks. If the flashing is not installed correctly, is missing, or is no longer doing its job, the result can be costly repairs from water intrusion. As a homeowner, you want to do whatever is necessary to ensure no moisture enters the attic area and finds its way into your home.

What is Chimney Flashing?

Chimney flashing is found near the base of the chimney and made of sheet metal. It has several parts including underlayment, step flashing, a saddle or cricket, counter flashings, and solder or caulk to seal the seams in between the different materials to make them watertight. Its job is to make sure the area between the chimney and roof is completely sealed.

How Do You Know if Your Chimney Flashing Has Failed?

The worst way to find out if your chimney flashing has failed is when your roof is leaking. A much easier approach is to pick up the phone and call Peak Roofing & Construction for a FREE roof inspection. Peak’s qualified roofers in Dallas and Fort Worth will take the time to inspect all sides of your roof including any potential trouble spots around your chimney.

What is Checked During a Peak Roofing Inspection?

While on your roof, inspectors will look for evidence of a broken seal. If there is an area of concern–chimney corners frequently have issues–they’ll use a top-quality urethane caulk to ensure a good seal. Although caulking is a good, temporary fix, it’s not a forever cure. It will need to be maintained over time.

The other area that is most prone to leaking is the back of the chimney where it meets the roof slope. If a saddle or roof cricket has not been installed to divert water away from the chimney, rainwater builds up behind the chimney and overwhelms the flashing. If there is no saddle or cricket, I do recommend having one installed.

Call a Peak Roofer for an Inspection in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

If you’ve postponed your roof inspection, now is a great time to get it scheduled.  Plus, It’s FREE! Our inspectors are available and ready to provide their expertise. Let us ensure your roof is in shape to withstand North Texas’ winter weather. Call us today.

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