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Which Roof Types Hold up Best in Storms

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Which Roof Types Hold up Best in StormsWhile you can’t really predict how a particular roof will hold up during a severe storm, some roofing materials do better than others. When you live in a storm-prone area like Texas, you need to ensure your roof is prepared. Peak Roofing & Construction has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to ensure your roof can handle anything Mother Nature can throw at it. Here are a few of the best roofing materials to install for severe weather.

Single-Ply Membranes

When tested, fully adhered single-pry membranes were the best at withstanding high winds that occur during storms. However, single-ply membranes tend to be more vulnerable to flying debris. Once debris damaged the membrane, the wind was able to get under the material, and it was much less efficient.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is perhaps one of the best options for overall durability from storms. When very high winds occur, a metal roof can slightly shift which can lead to subtle leaking during a very severe storm. Different types of metal roofing can solve these potential problems. Metal roofing is an excellent option for those looking for a slick looking and long-lasting roofing option.

Properly Installed Roofing

The best way that you can ensure your roof can hold up to severe weather is to ensure you hire a professional when you install your roof. Peak Roofing & Construction only has licensed roofing contractors that can build a storm-resistant roof that takes wind, updrafts, and hail into consideration. No roof can withstand a severe storm if it is installed incorrectly. One of our contractors can also point you in the right direction of the roofing material you should use on your particular home or business.

For more information about storm-resistant roofing materials, contact Peak Roofing & Construction. Call (972) 335-7325 for our Dallas/Fort Worth location or (281) 290-7325 for our location in Houston today to schedule your appointment.

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