23 Oct

Protect Your Roof from Fall Storms in Frisco, TX

arborist trimming tree before they damage roofing in frisco, tx

Taking care of your roof is an important task for homeowners year-round. Now that fall has finally come to Frisco and the DFW area, it’s time to make sure your roof is ready for fall rainstorms and potential winter snows.  Here are a few things you can do to proactively protect your roof.

Clean your gutters

Excessive leaves and debris including granules from roofing shingles can lead to gutter damage. One of the common issues we see at Peak Roofing in Frisco, TX is debris stopping gutters from draining. When a Winter storm hits (which does happen occasionally, even in North Texas), the water freezes and expands, forming ice dams. This expansion can lead to leaky gutters and water backing up on to the roof and fascia. Most reputable roofing and gutter companies in Frisco inspect gutters as part of their cleaning process. Doing minor repairs as they arise will lengthen the life of your gutter system.

Trim your trees

Whether you break out your own chainsaw or hire someone to take on the task, trimming your trees should be on the fall task list. Start with the tree branches overhanging your house. When the winter winds blow through, you don’t want broken and low-hanging limbs to beat against the roof. After attacking the low ones that could potentially hit your roof, be sure to trim away dead branches that could break off and damage your home when they fall.

Check your Attic

Now the temperature in the attic is bearable, make the climb. You’re looking for evidence of leaks that showed up during the spring and summer. I suggest picking a rainy day so it’s easier to spot issues. Look for leaks, mildew, and mold on the walls and insulation. Don’t forget your flashlight and always step carefully as I’ve heard of more than one person making a misstep and ending up with a foot through the ceiling.

Inspect your roof

Not to sound like a broken record based on past blogs, but if you haven’t inspected your roof in the past year, it’s time to stop procrastinating. Call a reputable roofer like Peak Roofing & Construction, serving Frisco, Plano, McKinney and all of DFW, and schedule an inspection of your home’s roof. There’s simply not a more efficient way to make sure you roof and flashings are in good condition than having a professional take a firsthand look. Call us today to schedule yours.

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