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Why Pick Aluminum Gutters?

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gutter installation near meAluminum gutters are the de facto standard in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex. We do tons of them. (Literally, we’ve bought over a ton of aluminum in the past decade). So, what’s so great about them and why do they make up a large percentage of our gutter projects?

Availability and affordability

Ninety percent of the rain gutters in America are aluminum. Because of high demand, there are several quality manufacturers. This provides a healthy price competition that benefits consumers. It’s also inexpensive, I’d almost say cheap compared to copper, and highly reliable. Affordable and durable – the best of both worlds.

Aluminum gutters versus steel

The reasons aluminum gutters are commonly recommended over steel gutters is cost and practicality. Steel rusts more quickly and typically has a shorter life-span. Although steel is treated with a coating to resist rust, over time, it typically gets scratched and gouged. Once the coating is compromised, it begins to rust. Another benefit of aluminum is its weight. The lighter material makes gutter installation easier. Given regular maintenance, aluminum guttering can last 25 to 35 years.

Aluminum gutter options


Typically, we use 0.027” thickness which is the most common. Some clients prefer 0.032” but it’s more common with commercial clients than residential. With downspouts, we typically use a 0.019” thickness because they don’t support a lot of weight.


We catch our share of “gully washers” in Dallas and Fort Worth. Installing the right size gutters is important. While 5” is normally more than enough for homes, it can change based on the size and pitch of the roof. Our team of professionals help determine the best size for your residential or commercial property. If you want more information, read my blog from last June, “Gutter Dilemma: Is 5” or 6” Best?”.

Call today for a free estimate

We suggest getting an expert opinion as soon as you even think about getting new gutters or replacing existing ones. There’s no cost for an inspection. If you choose to use our team, you’ll even get to witness our gutter truck in action as we make your custom gutters onsite.

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