27 Feb

Peak Exterior Upgrades: The Aftermath of Wind Damage

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“I’ll huff andthe aftermath of wind damage I’ll puff and I’ll blow your roof off” Okay, that’s not exactly how I read the story to our son, but I might have to start. The reality is the aftermath of wind damage can be as catastrophic as hail storm damage here in Texas. Over the years, Peak has seen a lot of unbelievable wind damage situations and it is heartbreaking to witness what families have to endure in the aftermath.

Loss of Shingles

There was one two-story home in Frisco we visited that had one-fourth of its shingles ripped off — debris and remnants of the roof were scattered everywhere. The bottom of the pool was covered with 3-tab shingle pieces and granules. Their kids were gathering them from their neighbor’s lawn and the street. Sadly, their roof wasn’t even that old.

Flying Debris Damage

It’s not uncommon after a heavy windstorm for our team to report that they have seen items protruding from roofs they are inspecting. Impaled branches are fairly common, especially in older neighborhoods with a lot of established trees overhanging the home. From children’s toys to pool accessories, and even a trampoline, we have seen an array of items force homeowners to need our window repair and replacement services.

Commercial roof destruction

One of the most memorable wind damage projects witnessed was the destruction of a single ply membrane roof on a strip mall commercial building that experienced negative pressure effects from straight-line winds. The strong forces of the wind quickly moved over the roof, easily detaching the membrane from the building and scattering debris into an adjacent parking lot, leaving only an edge of the roof attached to the building.

If your home or business ever falls victim to wind damage, don’t wait to take action. Especially in Texas, you have no idea how quickly the next storm can arrive. The professionals at Peak Roofing & Construction are always ready and prepared to assist with emergency room repairs including temporary tarping until a permanent repair or roof replacement can be made. Request your free inspection today.

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Joey Riss

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