19 Jun

Is Your Homeowner’s Insurance What You Think?

homeowner's insurance for roofing repair and roofing replacement in Dallas-Fort WorthMost of us carry homeowners insurance to protect us from the unexpected. We trust when an act of God or unfortunate event happens our insurance company will come through and lovingly walk us through each step…at least that’s what the commercials tell us. And, for the most part, Peak Roofing & Construction sees insurance companies working professionally and meeting the needs of the policyholder. But what happens when that’s not the case?

Read your policy

There are things people assume aren’t covered in a standard policy that actually are covered. For example, if a skunk gets loose in your home and sprays…it’s typically covered. At the same time, there are things not covered. If a sinkhole causes damage to your foundation or leaves cracks in your walls, it’s likely not covered.

Be careful to read your exclusions, especially if you have an HO-3 policy. One of the areas we see brought up is a “neglect” clause. If a home sustains hail damage and the owner waits over a year to file a claim, then discovers a leak has done damage to the home’s interior, the insurance may be within its rights to deny the repairs.

Insurance companies can be wrong

Another area of concern is when insurance companies occasionally deny valid claims. In March of this year, attorneys in Houston received a $1.5 million settlement from a leading insurance provider for wrongfully denying home insurance benefits. The company denied a well-documented hail claim. They claimed it was only cosmetic damage (that’s wasn’t covered). A jury agreed the 3.5” hail that hit their home was far more than aesthetic. KUDOS to these homeowners who worked the process and were able to get resolution. According to Daly & Black’s blog, the jury found the insurance company was guilty of:

  • Failing to comply with the insurance policy agreement
  • Engaging in unfair or deceptive actions or practices knowingly
  • Committed fraud against the homeowner

Again, this is not typical, but insurance companies make mistakes, and you need to fight for your coverage. There are steps you can take before seeking legal resolution, including hiring an independent adjuster to review and evaluate the damage.

Hire a reputable roofer

Professional roofers that have been serving your area for an extended period of time are familiar with the major insurers and typically can tell you what will and won’t be covered. Making sure your roofer has a permanent office in the area is a must. You want a roofing company to help you through the insurance process if additional damage is found and must be documented and filed.

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