10 Oct

Hail Damage Claims: Insurance Companies Denying Claims

Peak Roofing and Construction Goes Pink for Breast Cancer AwarenessHail damage claims are a hassle and, depending on your deductible, they can end up costing you a lot of money out of your pocket as well. We get it. And although I’m not a procrastinator, some of my dearest friends are so I understand how easy it is to put off wanting to deal with adjusters, claims representatives and roofing contractors. But if you’ve put off dealing with your hail damage from 2016 and 2017, I urge you not to wait any longer.

We are seeing insurance companies cracking down on what they are willing to pay for on old storm damages. I’m not saying this as a scare tactic. In the past three months, we have seen numerous claims come back denied or partially denied a result of people waiting to file. The last thing you want is to realize repairs that should be covered by your policy end up not being paid, or you must hire independent adjusters or professional insurance legal counsel to get damage covered.

How can they deny my homeowner’s claim?

Right off the bat, let me say, I’m not a lawyer and don’t plan on becoming one. I’m only sharing what we have seen and been told by customers.

Once 12 months have passed, some carriers deny claims outright saying it’s been too long and there’s no way to directly link the damage to a storm – Even in cases where there is legitimate hail damage.

The most common type of homeowner’s policy is the standard Insurance Services Office (ISO) Homeowners 3 – Special Form policy (typically called an HO-3). This HO-3 provides the coverage required by most mortgage companies. It’s a subsection of this policy that comes into play on delayed claims.

The section is called “Duties After Loss,” or it may be titled “Duties after Occurrence” in old policies. It is this section that easily impacts a hail or storm damage claims because it talks about the timing for filing a complaint.

Each insurance company uses its unique language and interprets it differently. But, in general, it requires policyholders to, “Give prompt notice to us or our agent” (exact verbiage from an Amica policy) as well as another line saying, “Send to us, within 60 days after our request, your signed, sworn proof of loss which sets forth, to the best of your knowledge and belief…”

What to do if you’ve waited

  • Read your policy: See what timelines are spelled out in the policy.
  • Call for an inspection: A reputable roofer can provide valuable information to help you prepare to meet with the adjuster.
  • File the claim immediately: There is a good chance you can still get all or a portion of the damage covered, but timeframes for some carriers are coming to a close.

Peak Roofing & Construction is a storm expert. With 30-years of experience in roofing, we are ready to help you prepare for conversations with insurance companies. Our residential roofing replacements come with a 10-year workmanship guarantee so you can be confident we will be here should problems arise.

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