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Interior Water Damage – Invite the Adjuster Inside

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roof leakHaving a roof leak is tough no matter when it occurs. In fact, I’ve never had a customer say it happened at a good time. What can quickly make a bad situation worse is when the water enters the interior of the home and continues to cause trouble.

The amount of damage can vary drastically from slight damage to an attic all the way to jeopardizing the structural soundness of a home. It also can range from simple discoloration to health-threatening mold. Regardless of the level of damage, scheduling a water damage inspection and repair should be your first order of business.

Two critical calls

After noticing interior water damage, minor or major, I recommend first calling a reputable roofer if you suspect it is coming in from the roof or soffits/fascia area. Your priority is finding and then stopping the leak.

The second call should be to your insurance company. When reporting the claim, be sure to let them know there is interior damage and you want to schedule the insurance inspector to come when you are at home to make sure they see the issues firsthand. It will help to have it documented if additional damage is found.

Peak’s approach to water damage repairs

Once any required emergency remediation is done, we focus on identifying the source of the leak. Many times, the leak is not right above where the damage appears. In fact, it can be 20 feet or more away. A small leak can run down a rafter before it finds its way to the ceiling. We’ve also dealt with leaks that have pouring water into the house for a long time, but the water ran down between the walls and takes months to show up inside the home.

If our inspection leads us to believe the damage is extensive enough to warrant a new roof, we will do a temporary repair until the insurance company can inspect it and determine coverage. If there does not seem to be significant damage, a permanent roof repair will be done.

Tackling the interior

At the same time, we’re repairing the leak, we’re typically busy drying out the areas affected by the leak. The primary goal is stopping and preventing mold from growing. This includes soaking up excess water and using fans to increase the circulation and dry out affected areas. In most cases, if the leak was caught early, this will be adequate. Then the only remaining job is to make the interior cosmetic repairs. Many times, our project manager waits for several days to schedule these repairs to make sure the area is completely dry before we do the necessary patching and painting.

If carpets are extremely wet, they may need to be replaced. It depends on the amount of water and how quickly the excess water is removed. If water gets into the backing of the carpet and sits for hours, it is extremely difficult to save the padding. The big risk is the growth of mold in the padding.

Peak Roofing & Construction in Frisco, TX offers total storm restoration solutions. Our leak detection specialists, roofing crews, and interior service professionals all work together to make sure you get the highest quality repairs. Because all our products and services are guaranteed, you can rest assured your home is in good hands. Call us today for a free inspection.

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