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Importance of Understanding Your Residential Roof Warranty

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Knowing what type of protection you can expect from a roof warranty can often be considered a complication question. There are manufacturer warranties that will cover the materials used in the installation of your new roof. There are workmanship warranties usually offered by contractors when performing the installation, too. On occasion, these two warranties will overlap, but not always.

Common Roofing Warranties

The single most common type of roofing warranty is known as a “shingle warranty” or manufacturer’s warranty. This particular coverage includes anywhere from 20 to 50 years on the material used for your roof. Any defects the roofing materials may have, or whether they break down or fail, will be covered under warranty.

Unfortunately, a manufacturer’s warranty may be void if the homeowner cannot prove they have performed periodic maintenance on the roof and its material. Although valuable, a manufacturer’s warranty is unlikely to be used by the homeowner. Very few roofing issues can be traced to a defect in the manufacturer’s roofing materials.

Complete Understanding

The majority of homeowners and building owners tend to focus on the overall length of their roofing warranty. They never fully understand what said warranty consists of, unfortunately. The majority of warranties were designed to protect the manufacturer more so than the building owner. Before any work is performed, here are a few questions you should ask your contractor:

  • What type of warranty am I receiving?
  • What is the term of the warranty?
  • What will void my roofing warranty?
  • What are my maintenance responsibilities?
  • What does a typical warranty cover?

If possible, ask for a warranty template before purchasing a new roof or coverage. Read through the paperwork in its entirety, ensuring you understand all the little intricacies and small print.

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