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How are roof costs determined?

man holding piggy bankBefore I buy something, I want to know the total cost. And if it is a substantial purchase, I want to know how the company got to that price. The professionals at Peak Roofing & Construction understand that most people feel this way. With roofing, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to pricing. It is not a simple cost per square foot formula. So, we prepare estimates for each client by considering many factors specific to the roof, as well as the client’s preferences and budget. There are four main steps we take to “nail down” an accurate roofing estimate.

1. Measure the roof

It is important the roof measurement is accurate because this is what we use to price the amount of materials to include in the estimate. This stage of the process has been enhanced greatly in recent years by digital technology. Our sophisticated equipment lets us gather precise measurements that include not only the square footage but also the varying slope, peaks, and design features that are so popular in Dallas-Fort Worth area roof design. No matter the make and model of your home and roof, we can measure it accurately.

2. Inspection

Some problems are obvious, but many are only apparent to trained eyes. Considering the recent types of storms we experienced in McKinney, Arlington and other areas around the Metroplex, there are often underlying issues including things like rotting fascia or damaged flashings. As roofing experts, we take a critical and thorough look at any issues or suspicious areas, assess your roof’s condition, and determine the extent of needed replacements and repairs.

3. Recommendations and decisions

As the home or business owner, you’re the boss and we follow your decisions. Your project manager spells out your choices of roofing materials, makes recommendations based on your situation, and explains roofing warranty options. While asphalt shingles are the most popular and least expensive roofing material, you may choose an alternative material or a higher class of shingle. The initial cost may be greater, but it may last longer and have other benefits you may want to consider. When it comes to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, shingles are the most popular residential and steep-slope roofing material. Single-ply and modified bitumen are the most common commercial and/or low slope roofing materials.

4. Calculate costs

Once we have precise measurements, a complete inspection and your initial thoughts on material preference, we can bring the costs for labor, materials, warranty, and other applicable expenses together for a reliable estimate. Even after your roofing expert presents the estimate to you, remember you can continue discussions until the solution presented fits your budget and desires. We understand roof replacements are big investments and you should feel comfortable and confident about your purchase.

Finding the right roofer

For potential new customers, we realize until you find a roofer you trust, you may seek estimates from multiple roofing companies. At Peak Roofing & Construction, we don’t take offense to competing with other reputable roofing companies. We only remind people that the lowest estimate may not be the best choice, especially in Texas where roofers do not have to be licensed and far too many roofing companies sell people a recognized, brand-name product and then install a lesser quality one. The bottom line number is important, but don’t lose sight of how important references and online reviews to finding an honest, quality installer.

Peak Roofing & Construction has worked hard to build an outstanding reputation for the quality of work we do and the honest way we do business. We have over 30 years of experience installing high-quality residential and commercial roofs in Dallas, North Dallas, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, and throughout the Metroplex. I am confident you won’t find a better value for your money anywhere else in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

About Peak Roofing & Construction

Peak Roofing & Construction is family-owned, with 30 years of experience. Bonded, insured and accredited, we provide roofing, gutter, fence, window, and exterior facelift services. Guaranteed. Call (972) 335-7325 in Dallas-Fort Worth (residential & commercial) including Little Elm, North Dallas, and Prosper.

Jeff Riss

Jeff has 20 years of sales experience, a love of roofing, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He leads Peak Roofing & Construction’s team but also is known for getting his hands (and knees) dirty on a job site. His passion for customer service, integrity, and quality craftsmanship drives his success. Peak Roofing & Construction is a family-owned, locally-operated business focused on doing things the right way. His deep understanding of roofing, gutters, windows, fences and exterior painting provide a strong foundation for running the business and serving his customers.

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