16 Oct

The Anatomy of Your Dallas Roof: Soffits and Fascia

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Are you grateful you don’t have unwanted friends like birds and squirrels sharing your attic space? You have your fascia and soffits, important parts to the roofing system, to thank. The fascia is the vertical piece of material placed along the eave below the edge of the roofing. Soffits are the underside of the roof overhang. Together, they give a finished look to the home and do a great job of hiding roof ventilation. Planning and installing high quality soffits and fascia are a signature element to any Peak Roofing job.

Historically, soffits and fascia were made of wood. Today, they are typically made from cement composite materials like Hardie Siding or synthetic materials like vinyl for longevity and fire resistance. The great thing about newer siding materials (including recycled materials) are all the options for pre-finished colors and textures including the look of wood grain.

Keeping soffits and fascia healthy

Peak Roofing in Frisco inspects a home’s soffits and fascia during annual roof inspections and routine gutter cleanings. If you are a DIY’er, you will want to carefully check the paint and caulk in these areas. Peeling paint and caulk are warning signs of potential damage. The soffits and fascia need to be as watertight as possible.

Speaking of water, I can’t say it enough, but you need to keep your gutters clean. If there is debris in your gutters, the water can back up and pool. This water can seep into the fascia board before it overflows the outside edge of the gutter and causes damage. You also want to clear out any bee, wasp and hornet nests that have been built in the area.


Soffits don’t just add a finished look to your home, they play a key role in providing ventilation. Vents in the soffits work extremely well for eliminating hot air and moisture from the attic area. Small holes in the soffit allow outside air to enter the attic and the heat of the attic will draw that air along with any moisture out through the vents allowing both to escape. Another popular choice that works efficiently and looks nice is ventilated soffits.

Call Peak Roofing today for FREE roof inspections in Frisco, Plano, McKinney and all throughout Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding communities. We’ll check your roof for damage and any needed maintenance as well as the fascia and soffits.

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