16 Jan

Growing the Peak Roofing Team – We’re Hiring

WhPeak roofing and construction is hiring in Dallas and commercial roofers in Houstonen Jeff and I started our Dallas roofing company, I don’t think either of us dreamed we’d have residential and commercial roofing crews and offices in Frisco and the Woodlands. And, I didn’t think we would own a gutter fabrication truck, have a gutter crew, be offering exterior services and hiring more team members.

But as a friend of mine says, “We’ve been abundantly blessed.” The team of people we get to work alongside each day is what makes going into the office so much fun. Of course, we work hard, but there’s also a lot of laughter, care, and friendship.

Our extended family

After the hail storm damage three years ago, we were burning the midnight oil helping customer, contacting adjusters, submitting claim documents and scheduling crews. We worked so hard but looking back, it was one of the most enjoyable times we’ve had. The way everyone pulled together really brought us close and that family environment has stayed strong.

Our office manager, Cindy Cisneros, has been with us for five years and we are so grateful for her contribution. Rob Lopez, a project manager, and Tony Kovacs, our operations manager have been with us for two years. Our team is our extended family and we couldn’t do it without them. I wish all our customers could meet them in person.

Expanding our Peak sales team

Last year, we formally expanded our service offerings in North Texas to include gutter replacement, window replacement, siding maintenance, residential painting, and exterior home services. Our goal for this year is to continue growing in these areas while expanding our core roofing business. To do this, we need more sales professionals…the right sales professionals. What’s the ideal candidate? First and foremost, someone who has a passion for customer service and has a customer-first mindset. After that, it’s about knowledge and simply being a good fit with Jeff, myself and the rest of the team.

Hiring Dallas gutter installers

Our gutter business is on a strong growth path. Last year, we invested in our own on-site gutter fabrication truck. It is a great addition to our core roofing business. This year we are looking to add a second gutter truck and will be looking to hire an experienced group of gutter installation professionals.

If you know of someone who is an experienced residential or commercial roofing salesperson, please have them send their resume to our admin email.

About Peak Roofing & Construction

Peak Roofing & Construction is family-owned, with 30-years of experience. Bonded, insured and accredited, we provide roofing, gutter, fence, window and exterior facelift services. Guaranteed. Call (972) 335-7325 in Dallas-Fort Worth (residential & commercial) or 281-290-7325 in Houston (commercial roofing).

Joey Riss

Joey is Peak Roofing & Construction’s “renaissance woman”. She is involved in all aspects of the business decision making as well as her office responsibilities and overseeing much of the marketing efforts. Although she lets Jeff climb the roofs, Joey has a thorough understanding of roofing, gutters, windows, fences and exterior painting. When not in the office you will find her focused on her favorite career, raising their precious son.

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