06 Oct

Fall Roof Maintenance Tips


DIY Roof Maintenance

Fall is a crucial time of the year. It’s the season when temperatures begin to drop — along with the leaves. These leaves often accumulate on the tallest nearby object. That’s usually your roof. As you may know, debris such as dead leaves help collect water, which seeps into the roofing material and reduces stability. No one wants a leak in their roof. This fall, make roof maintenance a priority. You’ll extend your roof’s lifespan and save yourself money on future repairs!

Trim Your Trees

As leaves begin to fall, you’ll notice the branches on nearby trees have grown a little too close to your house. Now is the time to trim the branches back, so they do not pose a danger to your roof. If you shave early in the fall, you’ll minimize leaves clogging your gutter system.

Clean the Gutters

Speaking of gutters, now is the time to clean them out. A clean drain helps water flow appropriately off the roofline. A clogged channel, on the other hand, splashes water back onto the roof, where it sits and festers for a time. Standing water will seep into the material and cause a leak, which is often difficult to track down.

Install Guards

Continuing with the gutter system, consider installing guards. Gutter guards are affordable and easy to install, and they significantly reduce the time you spend cleaning the entire system. These caps are mounted over the gutter to prevent leaves from falling in. Water may still enter, though, which helps to remove it from the roof adequately.

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