17 Jul

Are solar attic vents right for your Dallas area home?

solar attic vent, solar attic ventilationLast week we discussed the benefits of proper attic ventilation, including the differences between active and passive attic ventilation systems. Now let’s talk about one option we get asked about more often these days: solar attic vents.

Solar attic vents, also called solar attic fans, provide the same benefits of hard-wired (plug-in) vents. You still reduce HVAC use, and save on your electric bill by using solar power. The movement to use renewable energy sources is drawing more attention than ever towards homeowners reducing their carbon footprint and becoming more energy efficient.

Another perk of installing solar-powered vents is the federal tax credit recently extended through 2021. Solar vents are eligible for a 30% credit for up to $1,500.

How do solar attic vents work?

The premise is the same for solar attic vents as hard-wired ones. In the summer, they reduce the temperature in your home, and in the winter they help keep insulation dry, which improves your R Value (the measure of how well your insulation is working). The inconsistent and extreme weather we experience in Texas can make the Dallas and Houston-area homes and businesses we serve especially susceptible to seasonal threats, so it’s important to work with a skilled roofer like Peak on your attic vent installation. Here’s why seasons matter:


A properly installed system uses energy from the sun to operate the fan and extract warm air from your attic. By pulling the hot air out, it enables cooler air to be drawn in from static roof and soffit vents. Simply put, you are exchanging the hot air in your attic with cooler air.


As the moist, warm air rises into your attic, it collides with the cooler air near the roof. This can cause condensation to occur on surfaces, potentially creating an ideal environment for mold growth. Keeping the air in the attic at a reasonable moisture level helps protect your insulation, roof, and framing.

Solar attic fans and hail

The biggest concern we hear from our DFW clients (including Frisco, Plano, and McKinney) is the ability for solar attic fans to withstand Texas hailstorms. The key is purchasing quality products. One brand I recommend is Attic Breeze. Their fans have commercial-grade solar panels with high-strength tempered glass. This is the type of glass used by state highway departments for their solar powered systems, because it can withstand mild and moderate hail. If the hail is severe enough to break the panels, you are likely looking at a roof replacement and insurance claim coverage.

Getting started with solar attic fans

To find out if installing a solar-powered roof ventilation system is right for your Dallas-Fort Worth home, call us or request a free inspection. Our ventilation experts will evaluate your current ventilation system and make an honest recommendation on what is right for your specific situation.

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