04 Apr

3 Things That Impact Metal Roofing Costs

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Metal Roofing Costs are one of the most popular roofing choices, especially for commercial roofing. They are more durable, long lasting, and come in a variety of colors so it can fit any home or business. There are several key factors that can impact metal roofing prices.

1) Material Cost

It is a common misconception that metal roofing all looks the same. In fact, metal roofs can be made from a lot of different kinds of materials. Materials can differ in durability, weather resistance, and energy efficiency. Copper roofs are one of the most sought after materials due to it’s durability and beautiful sheen. It will run you more than a coated aluminum roof which is a more common metal roofing choice.

2) Overall Design

Roofs can come in all shapes and sizes. If you have a odd-shaped or building that requires a complex roof design, your roof will be more expensive. The degree of slope can also impact the overall cost of your roof. There are very specific safety regulations that are required in order to properly install a steeper sloped roof. If you have a complex roof, be expected to spend a bit more on your installation.

4) Quality Labor

It is common for a homeowner to get a few quotes before pursing a big project, like a roof. It is not always in your best interest to pick the lowest bidder. While some companies may ask for a bit more upfront, they likely have more experience than someone bidding rock bottom. With quality installation, you are less likely to have costly problems in the future. Your roof is an investment and proper installation is key to having a roof that will last decades.

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