Professional Roof Replacement in Austin, TX

roof replacement - Austin roofing companyReplacing a roof can be a costly home improvement. With so much on the line, hiring the best quality roofing contractors is of the utmost importance. A properly executed roof replacement can make a world of difference. For years the homeowners of Austin have trusted Peak Roofing & Construction, professional roof replacement in Austin, TX, delivering results on time, on budget, and always to your specifications.

If your commercial or residential roof is showing signs of old age, potential damage, or leakage, it’s time to contact Peak. Roof replacement projects always begin with a personal visit and complete roof inspection by one of our experienced roofing technicians. We take the time to discuss the state of your roof, providing feedback and honest recommendations. Then, more importantly, we listen, which is something you won’t find at many roofing companies in Austin. 

We listen to your preferences and needs – especially when it comes to the visual design, the type of shingle material, the budget, the terms of your insurance, and your given timeline. Whatever is important to you is important to us. Following your vision and expectations help us create a specialized plan and comprehensive roof replacement estimate.

If you think your Austin home may need a new roof, schedule a FREE roof inspection and estimate today by calling (512) 415-6888 or completing our form.

“With so many roofing companies, I didn’t know where to start. After asking around, the common name I was given was Peak Roofing. I know very little about roofing but appreciated how Jared explained what he was talking about in a language I understood. I absolutely recommend Jared and Peak Roofing”

-Stephanie I.

Plano, TX


Why Should I Get My Roof Replaced?

Decades of experience replacing roofs in the Austin and DFW areas have taught us many things. A problematic case we encounter often is that homeowners put off replacing their roof until it can’t wait any longer. Unfortunately, this can often cost more in the long run. Here are some advantages of replacing your roof with Peak:

  • Protects Your Home – Weathered roofs struggle to protect against rain, wind, extreme heat, and other elements attempting to enter your home. Costly repairs are frequently a result of unstable roofs, siding, or gutters. Rainwater dripping into a home causes the wood and drywall to give way, leading to structural decay. Similarly, water can encourage mold and mildew growth, which can present additional health hazards inside your home. Worst of all, these issues often remain hidden until significant damage has occurred. At Peak, our roof replacement contractors work to provide long-term coverage and insured protection that lasts.
  • Replacement on Your Terms – Waiting until a roof is critically damaged in a storm or compromised by wear and tear, forces you into a position with little choice and freedom. Sudden financial constraints may push you into installing a roof that’s in budget, not the one you originally planned for. At Peak Roofing, we work directly with you to create and fairly price the roof of your dreams.
  • Warranty – Working with a reliable Austin roofing contractor like Peak Roofing comes with the added peace of mind and safety of a long-term warranty.

What Kind of Roof Should I Get?

The freedom to navigate a variety of roofing options is just another reason to work with Peak. With 30+ years of experience replacing roofs in Austin, we have the industry expertise and capacity to work with virtually any roofing material or design, residential and commercial. You can learn more about our roofing options below:

Residential Roof Replacement in Austin:

Commercial Austin Roof Replacement:

What Will Replacing My Austin Roof Cost?

The cost of replacing a roof depends on several factors: the size and design of your roof, the materials you pick, and whether any structural adjustments to the house are needed. At Peak Roofing & Construction guarantee an honest assessment and estimate for your roof repair and replacement. No hidden fees or additional services. We stick to a straightforward budget that you can afford.

So What Do I Do First?

Every roof replacement we complete in Austin starts with a FREE roof inspection and estimate by one of our experienced roofers. There’s no obligation, no pressure, and there’s no better way to learn if you need a roof replacement.

So why wait? If you think you might need a roof replacement in Austin, TX, order your FREE inspection and estimate by calling (512) 415-6888 or completing our form today.