11 Sep

Why Your Dallas Home Should Have Class 4 Shingles

Class 4 shingles are a wise choice for those looking for an insurance discount.

Picking the shingles for the roof on your Dallas area home is far more than color selection. Many customers don’t realize they have a choice in the durability of the shingles they choose, often leaving it up to the roofing company. We urge you to do some research before making a final selection. In the Dallas – Fort Worth area, a Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingle is worth considering because of our tough climate and severe weather.

Why choose Class 4 shingles?

  • More resistant to hail.
  • Possible insurance discounts.
  • Better durability in high winds and severe storms.

What makes a shingle Class 4?

First, it requires special polymers to be used in its construction. The polymers provide the extra flexibility and strength needed to withstand the impacts it receives during a hailstorm. To earn a Class 4 rating, the shingle goes through rigorous testing. The Class 4 UL 2218 Impact Resistance test drops a 2” steel ball from 20’ and then inspects it for cracks and tears. The test is done twice in the same spot as well as to six other locations. If a shingle shows any visible damage, it fails the test.

Insurance companies love Class 4 shingles

Because of the durability and longer lifespan, insurance companies prefer Class 4 shingles in regions that experience significant storm damage or harsh conditions. Selfishly, it’s because they do not have to replace Class 4 roofs as often. To encourage policy holders to choose Class 4, most large insurance companies offer a discount for having them. The one caveat I frequently see is they ask homeowners to sign cosmetic waivers. For instance, if large hail knocks off granules, but the shingles’ structure is undamaged, they will not pay for a replacement only for appearance.

Are Class 4 shingles the right choice for you? I recommend talking first to your Dallas-Fort Worth roofing company to get their expert opinion. With the information they provide, then call your insurance company and see what, if any, discount is available. With the combined information, make your decision. If color is important to you, most of the most commonly chosen colors are available in both standard and Class 4 shingles so it likely won’t be an issue.

As always, the Peak Roofing & Construction team is here to assist in picking the right roofing system to meet your needs.

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