19 Feb

Why You Should Compare Roofing Companies

frisco roofer speaking to a customerYour home offers protection from top to bottom…literally. The foundation gives it a base to stand strong while the roof protects everything inside including our loved ones. So why do so many people put their roofs in the hands of whoever shows up at their door? Not all roofing companies are created equal. Not even close.

Talking to competitors?

It sounds strange that a business owner would suggest you compare them to the competition…Not if there’s nothing to hide! But I will mention a caveat. If you have a reputable roofing company that served you well over the years, you should stay with them. They know you, and your roof. Good work earns loyalty in my book every time. But I admit, I’m a huge researcher, when it comes to large investments like roofs and windows, so I’m still going to quickly check the BBB to verify nothing changed before moving forward even with a company I used before.

If it smells fishy…

Never underestimate the power of your own intuition. When my gut tells me something isn’t right, I typically regret when I ignore it. Because roofers are unregulated in Texas, it’s feels a little like the Old West where anything goes. We see “pop up” roofing companies come and go with every storm. Some even have fancy business cards, brochures, and local addresses. But when you start asking how long they’ve done business in Frisco or McKinney, for example, you’ll probably get a stutter or blank stare. Or, if all their online reviews are from Kentucky or Florida, and not Plano and Arlington…be concerned. Even if they are experienced roofers, the fact they move around means if (or when) you develop a problem, they may be long gone.

Better Business Bureau ratings

We are fortunate to have a strong, ethical Better Business Bureau organization looking out for consumers and businesses in North Texas. They play an important role in serving as an intermediary helping to resolve issues and supporting businesses in the community. One of the valuable services they provide is rating local businesses based on several factors. One helpful item tracked on their website is the number of complaints each company receives and if they were successfully resolved. Peak Roofing & Construction has been an accredited member since 2012. Checking the BBB should be one of your first steps in deciding to include, or exclude, a possible roofer.

Ask around

Referrals are easier than ever to obtain. I’d recommend starting with friends, family and colleagues. But if you’re new to the area, most communities now have Nextdoor where neighbors weigh-in on who they used in the past and the results. Some posts even include the name of a company someone is considering, and people speak out validating (or warning) the poster.

Comparing estimates

Although estimates do not represent a guaranteed final amount, they are a good starting place when comparing companies. Be careful that what you compare is consistent between companies. For instance, if one company quotes standard shingles and another quotes Class 4, there’s going to be a significant price difference due to product quality. Along the same lines, if an estimate seems too good to be true, it likely could be.

Not all warranties are the same

Here’s where I climb on my soapbox for a minute because it’s where we see so much deception. In a vast majority of cases, people have a roof for many years and never encounter a leak or problem. But if you do, the last place you want to be is stuck between your roofer and the manufacturer while they point blame and refuse to cover the needed repairs. Way too many people call us because they are caught in this position. If all a roofing company is willing to put in writing is passing on the manufacturer’s product warranty, then walk away. You could be left responsible for thousands of dollars in labor that wasn’t your fault. A reputable roofer is going to guarantee their products and workmanship in writing.

Your roof is a big investment. Picking the right roofer takes a little upfront research but it pays off in the long run. Let us know how we can help you. Our team of professionals is always available to answer questions about our process and what you should expect from a quality roofing contractor.

About Peak Roofing & Construction

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Joey Riss

Joey is Peak Roofing & Construction’s “renaissance woman”. She is involved in all aspects of the business decision making as well as her office responsibilities and overseeing much of the marketing efforts. Although she lets Jeff climb the roofs, Joey has a thorough understanding of roofing, gutters, windows, fences and exterior painting. When not in the office you will find her focused on her favorite career, raising their precious son.

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