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Why Replace Chimney Siding

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ChimneyIf your Dallas-Fort Worth home is over 10 years old and you have siding on your chimney (instead of brick), there’s a good chance you need new chimney siding. Years ago, Dallas and Austin-area homebuilders commonly used fiberboard or wood on the exterior of chimneys, for both affordability and aesthetics. The problem is that even well-maintained fiberboard is not a durable product for the exterior of your home over the long term. It’s highly susceptible to rotting, swelling, and deterioration. As a result, a chimney that looks good from the ground can be completely rotten and allow water to enter the home.

Checking for Chimney Siding Rot

If you are diligent in your annual roof inspections (and use a quality Dallas roofing company), they will check your chimney for problems. If you’re doing it yourself, you want to push on the corners of the chimney. If there is movement and give, you need to have it inspected by an expert. I’ve seen extreme cases where you can push a finger right through it. If caught early enough, the siding can simply be replaced. Worse case, there may be water damage from leaks that need repair.

Even if you don’t see issues with the siding, it is imperative you caulk the corners and siding and keep a good coat of paint on the surface to protect it from water absorption. The goal is trying to avoid moisture penetrating the siding. Siding that absorbs water eventually rots.

Improved Building Codes

Another reason we receive calls for chimney siding repair is when customers are preparing to sell their home. New building codes call for more durable and fire resistant products. Most cities require either a masonry (brick or stone) or concrete fiber product (such as Hardie siding) on chimney exteriors. Depending on the inspection results, sellers may need to either disclose or replace the materials.

Aren’t sure of the status of your chimney? Give our team a call. We are happy to come out and give you an honest assessment. You can rest assured, our materials and workmanship are guaranteed.

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