12 Oct

When Should I Replace My Gutters?

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Your gutter system is by no means the most expensive investment you’ll make in your home. However, a good gutter system will prevent a large number of various, more costly issues. Quality gutters, when properly maintained, will last 20 to 40 years, give or take. Understand when it’s time to repair or replace your gutters is crucial.

Perform an Annual Inspection

On a good day, take a walk around your home. Make sure to note any sagging or cracks in the gutter system. If the gutters are built from galvanized steel, examine the entire length for rust, especially near the bottom portion. Look for any portion of the system that is beginning to sag or split due to accumulated debris. Lastly, make sure the downspouts are correctly attached and extend about 10-feet from your foundation.

Evaluate Issues

If you’ve noted any issues or weaknesses, you may determine whether a simple repair will suffice. If not, a replacement is needed. A rusty area indicates a future problem. Even if the rust has not yet created a hole, replacing now is most likely your best option.

Repair or Replace

A minor issue, such as a loose gutter or missing downspout, is quickly rectified. Don’t spend the money to replace the entire system for such a modest problem. Simply pay for repairs. However, if the gutters have noticeable holes or splits, these issues typically cannot be repaired easily. A replacement may be your only option. Some service providers will replay portions of a system; others would prefer to do the entire gutter system. You’ll need to ask your chosen roofing company beforehand.

Contact Us

If you notice issues with your gutters, contact Peak Roofing & Construction by calling (972) 335-7325 (Dallas/Ft. Worth) or 281-290-7325 (Houston). We’ll perform an inspection of the entire system and determine how best to move forward. In fact, we’ll provide you with a solution promptly!

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