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What to Do with Blistering Roof Shingles

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Blistering Roof Shingles Frisco TXBlistering roof shingles have been, and continue to be, the most controversial subject matter in the roofing industry. You may find yourself getting an unclear answer as to whether or not these blisters are damaging or simply just cosmetic defects. What it comes down to is science versus commonality and companies’ warranties. Here at Peak Roofing & Construction, we realize what blistering roof shingles mean and are here to help give you the best roof protection that you see fit.

What are Blistering Roof Shingles

Blisters or blister rash can be identified by inconsistent bubbles rising up from inside the shingle. Blistering only occurs in asphalt roof shingles as it is a byproduct of manufacturing or installation. The shingles are composed of different layers of material. While undergoing the lamination process, moisture can be trapped between layers. Later heat is applied during cure and gasses can expand from that trapped moisture creating bubbles underneath the top layer of the shingle. Certain resins can also release gasses if proper cure cycles are not maintained resulting in the same bubble like formations that can be noticed from the surface. Larger blisters can occur from the over application of certain adhesives during installation. This can be determined by the blistering roof shingles conforming to the pattern of the underlying excessive adhesive.

Roof Damage

What this means to you is that over time, these areas will decrease the life expectancy of your roof. These blisters are more exposed to the environment and receive more wear from wind and rain. This along with the thinness of the blistered surface leads to the erosion of the blistering roof shingles. The end results are crater-like structures in your roof shingles lacking the granules of the surrounding roof. These pits can shorten your roof’s life expectancy depending on the amount of exposure your roof receives.

Prevention and Inspection

The manufacturer defects can be seen on the shingles before installation. Inspection of the pallets of shingles is a simple way to see if that particular batch of shingles had an instance of blistering. Since not all the pallets come from the same batch, the number of blistered pallets you get for your roof could range from all to none.

Peak Roofing & Construction understands the damage possibilities with blistering roof shingles and stands by our warranties. Feel free to call us with any questions at (972) 335-7325.

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