19 May

Understanding and Minimizing Hail Damage in North Texas

Those pesky frozen balls pummeling and pelting your car, your shrubs, and (unfortunately) your roof. So what makes these little…or big…frozen bullets so damaging? And, what are the options for minimizing hail damage to your North Texas roof?

What Makes Hail So Damaging?

Frequently in North Texas, we get very severe hail. This is categorized as quarter-size or larger hailstones. When hail is this large, an individual stone traveling at terminal velocity has enough mass to damage almost any roofing material. Each stone does its job and together they can take out a roof in minutes. Hail damage to your roof is typically the result of a massive amount of individual stones pelting a single area.

How to Minimize Roof Replacement

Since we know we can’t stop the hail, our best option is to invest in roofing material that is hail-resistant. However, even hail-resistant roofing materials have their limits. The typical hail-resistant shingle is rated to withstand up to a marble-size or nickel-size hailstone, but, if a softball size storm hits Denton, Lewisville, or Farmers Branch, there will be significant damage. There’s just no avoiding it.

For customers wanting a hail resistant roof, we talk to them about the following:

  • Hail resistant asphalt shingles
    These shingles are thicker than traditional shingles and will typically have a fiberglass scrim for reinforcement. The cost is higher but can be well worth it in non-severe hail conditions.
  • Concrete tile
    If you have the right roof structure to support the additional weight, concrete tiles are an alternative. They have a 50-year lifespan. Concrete tiles perform better than shingles on larger size hail (like quarter and ping-pong).
  • Stone-coated metal roofs
    This type of roof enables you to maintain the aesthetic advantages while benefiting from a more durable roof. Stone-coated metal roofs are made from steel or some other metal. Manufacturers then adhere stone chips to the metal. Common brands used by Peak Roofing & Construction include Decra, Roser, and Gerard.
  • Standing seam metal roofs
    This is the ultimate material for hail resistance. Standing seam metal roofs will sustain the larger-sized hailstones and remain weather tight. BUT…it might look like someone took a ball pein hammer to it. We’re also starting to see some insurance companies include an “appearance waiver” in their policy. It basically says they will not replace the roof for aesthetic damage.

I’m a hard-core Texan and I love the weather here (as long as I can get away on an occasional snowboarding trip). Hail is part of it. At Peak Roofing & Construction we have over 30 years of experience in residential roofing and are here to help you decide what roofing material is right for you based on your goals and budget. Call us for a free inspection.

About Peak Roofing & Construction

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Jeff Riss

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