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What Type of Roof Coating Should You Use?

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Roof coating has been found to extend the life of your roof by reducing the heat transfer into and out of the building. The right coating for your roof can also reduce leaks exponentially, ensuring no damage befalls your home from above. A reflective coating, on the other hand, can reduce energy costs and improve the overall aesthetic of the roof itself. All-in-all, there are plenty of roof coating choices to select. Which is best for you, though?

Reflective Coatings

There are numerous types of reflective roof coatings available on the market. These coatings are rated based on their reflectance values and rates. Typically, a reflective coating, also known as a white coating, is made of aluminum and used with asphalt. White coatings include acrylic, silicone, SBS, SEBS, and urethanes, among others.

The coating is applied by a professional roofing technician using nothing more than a spray system, a roller, or perhaps even a brush for harder to reach spots.

Selecting the Right Coating

Many factors play into the selection of roof coating for your home. It is important that you select the correct coating based on your individual needs and the environment where you live. Some things to consider include:

  • The current condition of your roof
  • Your location
  • The slope of the roof
  • High heat exposure
  • UV exposure
  • Chemical exposure

With this in mind, roof coating that factors in the above will greatly affect its performance and life expectancy. You must consider these features and the benefits of various roof coatings when selecting one, also the drawbacks of each.

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